Me As A Panamanian

By - Xavier M

My Family

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My Countries Government

Representative Democracy

I am lucky that my country has a government like the U.S. because with this type of government I am able to have a good life. And nobody in the government is more powerful than anyone because everyone has the same amount of power. Like my school I like school. And my Job I like working in the market so I can sell fish to people everyday after school.

My culture

All About My Culture

When I was growing up there were a lot of people moving to my country, because my country is known as the Central American melting pot. So every Sunday morning my family wakes up early so we can go to our Christian church. I was so excited when me and my friends turned 16.

My Countries Economy

Free Market Economy

My country has a free market economy which means that we can vote for our president and choose how we live. Like myself I grow some food in my backyard and then when I go to work I trade it or sell it to other people for better stuff. Also my mom, dad, and me all have a nice car and a phone for ourselves.