Course Setup - Basics

Summer School - PALCS 2015

Setting Up Your Course

Follow these steps to prepare your course for summer school!

  • Your content has been copied over from Moodle. Currently your Canvas course is "Unpublished."
  • There is a button that says "Setup Checklist" that will help guide you through the setup process, but this also details what you should be sure to complete.

Course Navigation Links

The Course Navigation Links in Canvas are on the left-hand side of your screen. Not all of them will show (anything that doesn't have content won't show for students). However, some that DO show you probably do not WANT to show. It is suggested that you only show the following listed below.

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Click "Navigation"
  3. It is suggested you have the following links in this order:

Big image

Choose a Course Home Page

This is what students will see FIRST in your course. You have five options; however, some are better than others. For Summer School, you will set your Course Home Page to a Front Page that you design to both welcome them and help them to access your course.

You will first need to create this page.

  1. Click "Pages"
  2. Click the new pages button (+Page)
  3. Design your content
  4. Click the gear icon and select "Use as Front Page"

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Share Your Front Page Here

And get ideas, too!