An Opportunity of a Life Time

Physical Oceanographers have experiences most only dream of

Join an Elite group.

Physical Oceanographers tend to have AT LEAST a Masters degree if not a Doctorate's. This is a very selective and elite group.

You should be aiming for A's

The Purpose

  • Oceanography involves researching an ocean and its environment, the environment can range from rocks, plants and ocean soil.

  • An Oceanographers job site can range from being in a lab to moving out to the field to gather some data.

  • Their main activities are to study the currents of the ocean and water properties and understand their part in the earth's climate and ecosystem.

  • Some of the major themes of physical oceanography are the dynamics of ocean currents on spatial scales ranging from centimeters to global, the variability of these currents on timescales from seconds to millennia, ocean wave phenomena, the distribution of heat and salt and other water properties and their transport by currents through the ocean basins.

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Guaranteed to be an Adventure

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Salary and Promotion opportunities

  • Salary- The bureau calculated that the average annual salary across the profession was $79,280. This means an average monthly wage of $6,607 and an hourly rate of $38.11

  • Promotions- Just like any other job there are opportunities to advance up in the positional pyramid

Pros and Cons

  • A couple of pros of being a physical oceanographer is you let the world know whether it is safe to not safe to be out on the ocean. They also learn about faster routes to take because of the sea flows at the time.

  • Some cons are the cost for this job is expensive after buying the equipment. Also it is not the safest job there are a lot of risks and danger
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How you are giving back to society

  • Physical Oceanographers can be very important because it helps us know when bad weather is about to comes close and over the ocean and could start a hurricane.They help with new developments.

    • They help with new developments.

    • They also make sure the ocean is safe for the public.

    • Along with all that they help keep everything move along smoothly ocean wise.

  • They also make sure the ocean is safe for the public.