Maxx & Forrest's 6th Grade News

Cold Spring School

Writer's Workshop

We started working on essay writing this week. Students were exposed to the idea that unlike creative writing, the purpose of an essay, specifically a five-paragraph essay, is to get a point across to a reader in a clear, efficient, and organized way. Students discussed the merits of this genre of writing, citing times when they might be able to put these writing skills to use. They suggested a concise, organized style of writing would be beneficial when writing research papers, when trying to teach someone something, when applying to a school or for a job, or when simply sharing ideas with others.

Students read and analyzed an sample essay written by a former Cold Spring student (who despite their best guesses, remained anonymous). To the delight of the students, the sample essay had imperfections, yet it demonstrated the key components to writing in this style. Students will draft their own essays next week.

Sustainablity Brainstorm

In Thematic Study we are starting to think about our Independent Studies. The students understand that each one of them will eventually choose a topic related to our theme, Sustainable Societies. Their curiosity will drive them to write a research paper, and develop and create a project around an aspect of their studies. In May, the 6th graders will host a Sustainability Expo where they share their expertise with the larger CSS community. Students recorded the giant class brainstorm in their sketchbooks. Below are some arenas we could dig into to find topics we feel excited about studying.
Big image
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Science Friday

Students were also introduced to the podcast, Science Friday as a source of inspiration for their Independent Study topics. They browsed the website for headlines that piqued their interest. Some students clicked on podcast titles about Artificial Intelligence while others were intrigued by the idea of Printing Solar Panels in your Backyard.


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