Pairwise and Condorcet Method


10 votes b>p>c

6 votes c>b>p

5 votes b>c>p

Then you would compare beef to pepperoni and see who wins. You would then find out that beef would win with 21 votes and pepperoni would have 0. Then you compare beef and chicken. Beef wins with 15 votes and chicken has only 6. Then you compare pepperoni and chicken. chicken wins with 11 votes and pepperoni with 10. After you have finished you look at the overall comparison. Beef has 2 points, chicken has 1 point, and pepperoni has 0 points. Therefore beef would will the overall election.

What Is the Condorcet Method?

The Condorcet winner is the candidate that beats all of its opponents. In the example above beef beat both pepperoni and chicken. Therefore beef is the Condorcet winner.