Miner Minutes

September 26, 2015

Let's get fired up!! October 6, 6:00-8:00pm

PTSO will be hosting our first even CMS Bonfire and Spirit night for our community and families! Please make plans to attend! Let's get fired up with #minerpride! Free admission! Bonfire and music! Recognition of fall athletes! Concessions and bake sale! Rock wall and obstacle course! Dinner from Gene's Backyard BBQ Truck! A pep rally led by CMS Cheerleaders and the Miner Band! Hot chocolate bar! A chance to win a 50/50 raffle!


Several of you have already gotten into Canvas and begun looking at the activities. Our district expectation is that all staff complete the Canvas Challenge by December 1. We are in process of developing some Miner rewards and prizes for completing certain steps within the challenge, but we do want to announce to you that the FIRST FIVE staff members to complete the challenge will receive a 10$ giftcard for Amazon! More soon!

Good luck to Ms. Angela McKenzie!

We are sad to share that Ms. McKenzie is resigning as our MTSS Coach. She has accepted an administrative position in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Her final day as a Miner will be on Friday, October 2. She has served our students well, so please be sure to say thank you to her this week!

Aspire: After school STEM learning program

We are still accepting applications for students interested in the after school ASPIRE program. This program will run Monday-Thursday from 4-6pm beginning October 5th until May 19th. This is a great opportunity for our students to engage in hands-on learning! Also, if you're interested in teaching with the program (even if splitting time with another teacher) or subbing for the program, please let our site administrator, Cameron Kingshill, or myself know. Thank you!

Welcome to Mr. McNeill!

Mr. Chancy McNeill has joined the Miner staff as of this past Wednesday! He is teaching 7th grade science. He is a lateral entry teacher coming to us from a charter school in Charlotte. Please welcome him with open arms, and ensure he knows what he needs to know. It's always a bit more challenging starting during the school year. Welcome, Mr. McNeill!

Hallway Huddle - Wednesdays at 8:30ish

If you are interested in facilitating a Hallway Huddle, please let me know. This is just an optional time for any members of our staff to come together, reflect, get to know one another, and take time for our adults to get focused for the week.

Student sign on

If you have any students who cannot get logged into any of our digital accounts, such as Aleks or iReady, please submit a work order as soon as possible. Ms. Redmond will work quickly to get these issues resolved. Thank you!

Nutrition regulations

As some of you may recall, new federal guidelines were passed in the last year about food at school. We must always be careful that we are not "competing" with the child nutrition offerings within the school and during the school day. There are strict regulations, now, on school fundraisers and snack machines in that no food can be sold during the school day (including 30 minutes before and after the school day hours). If you enjoy giving treats for positive rewards, try miner bucks instead! Great alternative! And please remember that all fundraising ideas must be approved through me, first, for this very reason. If you ever have questions, just ask!

Grant available!!!

Remember the Cabarrus County Education Foundation grant is available to apply for before October 13! Great opportunity!!!


Test Scores in PowerSchool now...

Test scores from last spring are now in PowerSchool. Please check a few transfer students that you know came from another NC district, especially CMS, and who would have tested in that district. The test dates in PS for 2015 EOGs will be 05/01/2015 and Spring 2015 EOCs will be 06/01/2015. Scores were loaded based on student’s ID at their current school and not by school attended for testing. Again, the grade level for the test is incorrect. For example a current 5th grade student. The test are 4th Grade Math and Reading but the Grade Level is 5. PS is loading the student’s current grade level and not the grade the student was in when the test was administered. DPI is aware of the problem.

Big 3

Big 3 Goals for 15-16 School year

  1. Student learning
    1. PLC alignment
    2. powerful instructional strategies we haven’t tried before
  2. Capture the hearts of students and staff
  3. Structures for student success (MTSS, Behavior, Discipline procedures, Facilities, Communication internally and externally, CULTURE)


For those of you who didn't know, Ms. Headrick got HITCHED this past weekend!! Yay for her and her new husband! She can now be called Ms. Culp! :-)


** Please note that November 25 is an AL day. There was an error in the CCS published calendar.

September 29: Grade level meetings during planning

September 30: Newsela training at 730am in the computer lab; SS and ELA PLCs

October 1: Math and Science PLCs

October 2: One drive training during planning time (optional)

October 6-9: Fall Spirit Week

October 6: School leadership team meeting at 7:30; fall pep rally; PTSO Bonfire at 6pm

October 9: Chromebook training at 8am for all those that have chrome books

October 12: Miner Time Tumbler Fundraiser kickoff!

October 13: Faculty meeting at 7:30am

October 23: End of 9 weeks grading period and EARLY DISMISSAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

October 26: Workday (uncapped so you can use flex time if needed)

October 27: Grade level meetings

October 28 - 30: Frye’s skating rink behavior rewards (more details later)

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