From Smoke To Cellular

Use Smoke to Message Your Friends!

Back in the Day...

When people still lived in caves and scavenging for food was a must, communicating with each other by smoke was a typical norm.

The Alphabet and Writing

In earlier times, the Phoenicians were the first group of people to create an alphabet. As time progressed, writing information down because a substantial way to communicate with others.
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Speed of Typing

Whenever the typewriter was invented, the need to hand write letters and documents quickly diminished. Typing a letter was incredibly faster than hand writing it. As a result, many documents, articles, letters, etc were typed up instead of handwritten.

I Love Stories

Before being written, storytelling was a way for families and communities to pass on information. Some older stories are now what we call legends such as Hercules.


Now in the 21st century where our world is filled with technology, smartphones are being carried around and used more and more because of the efficiency it allows the individual to feel.
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