March 15, 2013 (Vol. 11)

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
~Irish Blessing

Thank you for the great Parent/Teacher Conference Week! Enjoy a much deserved weekend!


  • Quote of the Week: "Today became great when you arrived." from Peace/Khattar's classroom
  • Conferences - Thank you to all of you for the hours of preparation for conferences, for your positive communication with parents, and most of all your love and desire to help each of our students be their best self!
  • Supervision - Thank you to all of our amazing Instructional Aides who did a marvelous job doing AM and PM supervision!
  • Happy Birthday - Linda Brenner 3/23
  • School Walk-Through - Tuesday @ 8:30
  • Staff Meeting - 3/20
  • Philanthropy Club Presentation - 3rd Grade on Tuesday @ 12:30
  • Love and Logic - Parent Presentation Tuesday @ 5:30
  • Green Food Cook-Off - 3-22
  • "Viva Solana Highlands" - Foundation Fundraiser - 8/23 6PM

Education Corner: Silent Signals in the Math Classroom

We all know how important participation -"Most of the students, most of the time" - is to student learning. In addition to all of the great covert strategies ( e.g. Make a mental list..., Close your eyes and picture..., In your head..., Take a minute, etc.) teaching students overt silent signals is a great way to keep students interacting with the lesson.
3rd and 4th graders making iMovies! Great collaboration!