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Leadership Staff Newsletter

Team Retreat for January 20, 2014

Learning Log!

Yeh! Did you like what we did during the Leadership Staff Meeting with the Learning Log? Try it with the next workshop or group that you support. It will keep them on task, facilitate ownership of the content and help them to process the information. You can do it!!

Activity Directions:

  1. Use a folder (like the one we used) and have them set it up (see picture)
  2. You can modify it to fit what the purpose is of the meeting
  3. Throughout the day/time-have the pause and fill in something
  4. At the end of the day/time-have them debrief and share

The Art of Public Speaking

What do you remember from the workshop? Here are some key points for you to remember or share with your staff!

  • Platinum Rule: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.
  • You need to have and share your own story.
  • Nobody listens to you until you get them to like you.
  • Change it up every 7 minutes.
  • Rule of 3 for presentations
  • Rule of 6 for Power point presentations


  • Bunker
  • Personalities 4 corners
  • 3 things that are similar
  • Question and switch, and switch--they read

Technology Update-Luke Wittum!

Thank you! Now, I can:

  • Change my settings to adjust for text size and larger type
  • Access my control center
  • View and open/close Apps.
  • Use 4-finger swipe
  • Access the new search tool
  • Access notification center
  • Find my iPhone/iPad
  • Use iCloud keychain if I want
  • Use backups for my devices
  • Manage my email/mailboxes
  • use smore for communication

The Power of Common Purpose

What is our common purpose? How are we connecting ALL staff to our common purpose?

We are leaders and innovators creating success by providing quality programs and exceptional service for people of all ages.

Customer Service Story about Abubaker

What is the story of Abubaker?

Why is this a great customer service story?

  • Genuine
  • Self Initiated
  • High Impact
  • Went out of His Way

Hear about the story of Adubaker at our next Leadership Meeting.

Don't forget to capture a story from your area and be ready to share!

" Hey look! It isn't soaking in!!"

There is a new product on the market that does not allow moisture to be absorbed by fabric. Spray it on and magically, moisture/liquid/dirt is repelled! Great for shoes--not so great in organizations!!

When helping the organization "learn" about new processes, a way of thinking, a new organizational structure, or purpose---we HAVE to let it SOAK in! We should not hold the new thinking at the top level with only those that were initially introduced to the idea. Engage all the staff with discussion and activities so the new thinking can...

SOAK in.