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A Decade in Review of Hatsheput

Egypt Farming

Farming in Egypt

When the nile river flooded, the water and mud was washed over the river banks and that created a fertile growth area. While the flooding happened the farmers were making tools and looking after the animals. Also, the farmers worked for pharaohs building pyramids and temples for the pharaohs.
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Pyramids in Egypt

There were about 80 pyramids in Egypt. The Egyptians built pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs and the queens. The pharaohs were buried in the pyramids when they were done being built. All pyramids have different shapes and sizes. The pyramid in Khufu is known as the "Great Pyramid"


In the summer of Egypt, it is always hot and dry, in most of the country.Its humid in the Delta. In November and December, it starts to get cold to about 72-69 degrees. Also, during the summer time having sun protection is really important fir a Egypt trip. Make sure you be careful, when your going to the desert make sure you have protection and water because you don't want to get burnt or dehydrated.

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In our beloved Egypt we trade gold, papyrus, linen, grain, and artifacts. Some artifacts are stolen from pharaohs tomb. Trade is used in promoting friendship between civilization. Since 400 B.C.E, gold, silver, and bronze coins became the currency of egypt. Be careful on what you trade because you don't want to trade something worth a lot and then trade it in for something not worthy!

Egyptian Song

This is one of the most fascinating songs in Egypt! everyone in Egypt says that this in the song that puts a smile on there face. When ever I here this song it makes me think of Egypt and what everyone does and how the state runs. I hope everyone loves this song as much as the Egyptians because i know that i do!
Royals (parody)

Kids in Egypt

The kids in Egypt are just like the kids in the US the kids in Egypt have to go to school, and they have to follow family rules just like the kids in the US! Also, the kids in egypt enjoy eating popular foods and they are interested in fashion. Did you know that the kids in Egypt like to listen to music? Well, they do! if you thought that the kids in Egypt don't do anything like the kids in the US, you were wrong because they do everything we do!


The new game "Senet" is a new big hit for Egypt! It is one of the most popular board games in Egypt. You play this game with two people. There is a painting that represents this game and it if from the tomb of, Hessy. This painting was finished in 2686 BC.
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Recently, Egypt started writing inscriptions on monuments that indicate that we practice wrestling, weightlifting, long jumping, swimming, rowing, shooting, fishing, athletics, and various types of ball games. Archery is a well known sport in Egypt and we are now recording scores on plates in temples. Egypt loves some archery and all different kinds of sports!


Egypt has such tasty foods! Most Egyptian people say that bread, beer, with onions, vegetables, and dried fish is what they mostly eat. Most egyptians make their drinks out of barley, and eat raw fish sun dried or preserved in salt brine.That sounds tasty to me!