Oh The Humanities!

Grades 3-2 Writing and Social Studies: December 4, 2015

A brief interlude

We have been writing and learning about writing, and writing some more! Students have many works in progress and our goal before vacation is to tighten them all up and finalize them so we can start with some fresh subject matter in January. Students should have about 6-8 final writing pieces at this point. I will be sending home packets of each student's work in progress over the next week so be on the look out.


Spelling tic-tac-toe is due on Thursday. This is the last new list before winter break. We will have a review quiz before vacation that will be a variety of words from the 5 spelling lists we covered so far.

As noted earlier, students should also make sure they have finalized all of their writing pieces up to this point.

Now it's time for a catchy tune....
stompy the bear