Stop Cyberbullying

Don't put others down, to bring yourself up.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyber-bullying is harassing or insulting someone over the internet to make them feel bad or just for a sick sense of humor.

Examples of Cyberbullying.

Examples of cyberbullying are mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social sites, and personal pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

Three differences between cyberbullying and bullying.

Cyberbullying you can put down anywhere and anytime. They can say mean or embarrassing things about you and you can only block them.

Bullying is when the bully is physically picking on you in an populated/unpopulated environment. Usually people do it to make them feel better and/or have a broken home.

Effects of Cyberbullying

It can make the other person who is being bullied to not want to come to school, have bad grades, mental issues, anti-social, and suicide.

People don't realize the emotional toll it takes on people when rumors or being harassed does to kids.

Prevention and Awareness

1. Parents can understand that what kids are doing online to insult kids is to make an account and go into chat rooms.

2. Parents need to talk to their children about these bullies and but safety searches on so the kids can log on to stuff like that.

3. Don't give the kid the privilege if he/she is very sensitive to others comments.

4. Parents need o check their devices daily for any sign of bullying.

5. Also needs to check the child's grades and social behavior to see if they are mentally stable.

Establishing Rules

1. Do not give your child as much freedom on the internet if they are sensitive.

2. Wait until an appropriate age til the kids can have those freedoms.

3. Check there social media if they seem to be upset or sad all the time.

Report to your online service reporter

1. You can email your service provider or the domain host and get the person removed.

2. You can just block, mute, delete, or ban that person from your page.

Report to your law enforcement

1. You can save the chats with the cyber bully and bring them in to the law.

2. You can screen shot and save them to bring them in.

3. Get there IP address and call local authorities and send the law to that house to discuss the situation.

Report to your school

1. Contact school officials if the bully goes to your school or a school in our district.

2. Contact the school about the account to do back ground checks with the school roster to see if it is a real or fake account.

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