Northeast HS School Newsletter

September/October 2020


Welcome to the Northeast High School Virtual Back to School Night. We look forward to getting to know your child this year and hope learning about child's classes and teachers. Please visit the Northeast High School website to learn more about Northeast High School.

Navigating Virtual Back to School Night

1. Look up your child's schedule on Tyler.

2. Scroll through this site to locate your child's teacher.

3. View each teacher's video for the class listed on your child's schedule.

4. Complete a Survey to provide us with information.

Reading Your Child's Schedule

Classes meet every other day and are called "A" and "B" day classes.

A-Day classes are periods 1 - 4 .

B-Day classes are periods 5 - 7.

Some classes are deem as Sem1, Sem2 , or Yr classes.

1. Sem1 = Semester 1 (September- January). This class is only for this time.

2. Sem2 - Semester 2 (February - June). This class is only for this time.

3. Yr = Year (September - June). This class is for the entire school year.

Students must earn passing grades to earn credits for each semester. Students will need 24 credits in required classes for graduation.

If you have any question please contact the counselors: and

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Virtual Open House Links

School Leadership/School Support

Dr. Waymond Ervin – Principal

Von Smalley – Vice Principal

Jazmine Salach – Vice Principal

Dr. Keyona Powell – Dean of Students

Jonita Holmes – Instructional Coach/Mentorship

Carmen Truax – Media Specialist

Caroline Carothers – Strong Program

City Year – External Organization Support

Juneall Lane & Shanitra Jones – Counseling

Coach Roger Franks – Athletic Director/Mentorship

Seth Correa – Grad Lab

Tim Maserang – Grad Lab

Social Studies

Ellen Jacobs-Hood – Social Studies/ English

James Greene – World History /American History

Maxwell Bowers – American History/AP United States History

Steven Estes - American Government

Tamara Jackson - AP Human Geography/Criminal Justice /Multicultural Studies


Felis Jennings – Algebra I

Nicole Kerkman – Math

Sarah Wilson – Math

Scott Shores – Algebra 2/Geometry

Trisha Van Wig – Algebra I/Intro into Engineering


Dr. Chukwudi Udokwu - Biology I/Botany (Fall)/Ecology (Spring)/Physics First

David Cunningham – Biology

Danielle Wiltse – Physics First

Katelynn Matlock - Chemistry

Joyce Ritter – Exceptional Education/Science

English Language Arts

Brian Tussey – ESL/ELL

Chris Magill – English 11/12

Heather Hoyer – English

Jonathan Freeland – ESL/ELL

Kelly Lightcap – English 10/12

Margaret Hutton – AVID

Sheila Atkinson – Reading Intervention

Tania Le – ESL/ELL

Tiara Williams – English 9/12


Andrew Carrao – Business Education

Casey Donahue – Marketing Education

Christopher Smith - Band

Dewayne Lindsey – Physical Education/Health

SFC Jerry Lewis - JROTC

Joneisha Williams – YouTube Academy/ADT

Kelcie Bourquin – Spanish I – III/AP Spanish/Heritage Spanish

Raymond Hairston – Physical Education

LTC Richard Hilliard – JROTC

Sarah McAtee – Foundation of Art /AP Studio Art /Drawing and Painting

Scott Kinworthy – Concert Music and Music Appreciation

Hispanic Heritage Month

Kansas City Public Schools joins the nation in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the rich history, culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans, who are descendants of individuals from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The observance originated in 1968 as a weeklong celebration and expanded into a 30-day commemoration in 1988, according to

The Viking Pantry

The Viking Pantry will be open Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Ms. Roberta Holt-Keeper, NEHS Alumna is the Pantry manager.

If you know a Viking family that needs assistance with food, personal care items, or clothes, please share this link to set up an appointment and their order: