Austinville Elementary

April 27 - May 1 News

Austinville Students Raise for American Cancer Society

Relay for Life Week - Hats Off to Survivors!

Top Money Raisers in Each Grade

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Celebrating our Fundraising Efforts!

Austinville students get pumped up each year for Relay for LIFE! As spring arrives, students get into the fundraising mode for contributing to the American Cancer Society. As a team, students have collected money for this cause for the past five years. The event closes with a RELAY RECESS of fun activities. This year, students enjoyed walking the track bordered with luminaries with teachers Mrs. Denise Rose and Mrs. Sarah Henderson. Relay tatoos were applied by Dr. G, Mrs. Patty Gonzalez, and Mrs. Jennifer Fernandez. Parent volunteer, Mrs. Cecilia Franco also assisted. Mrs. Nancy Johnson made certain each child had a snack. Mrs. Cheryl Sandlin and Mrs. Sharon Paradise cha cha'd, hokey pokey'd and directed students into a laughing good time through the limbo. Coach Allbright manuevered groups from station to station as Mrs. Andrea Murphree delivered the popcorn/slushie combos which were another part of the fundraising week. Grade level winners were declared on Thursday afternoon and announced by Mrs. Hales before students were dismissed on Friday. Pictured above, those students raising the most money are: Xander Potter, Kylah Lawson, Emmalyn Williams, Maria Lopez, and Chase Lake. The top fundraising class was Mrs. Westbrook's second grade.

Fifth Graders Visit Middle Schools

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Federal Monitoring Visits Completed

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Outdoor Classroom Has Fresh Look

The Environmental Leadership Team spent some time this week planting flowers that brighten the tables of the Outdoor Classroom. This time of year, many students, lunch buddies, and parents enjoy eating on the patio. Thanks to the Environmental Team members there are flowers on the tables and patio.

PACT Presents Annual Puppet Show to Third Grade

Students in third grade enjoyed the annual puppet show presented by PACT Volunteers this week. This show explains good and bad touch and encourages students to tell someone if they are being touched in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. It also shares with students a variety of scenarios which help students understand making good choices.

Students Turn Earth Day Experiences into Writing

Last week, students in the fourth and fifth grades enjoyed participating in Earth Day by working in the Outdoor Classroom and around campus with Mrs. Hamilton's Science class. This week, Mrs. Bridgett Hayes has turned those experiences into something to write about. She has been amazed at the details with which her students wrote about being a responsibile citizen in caring for the earth. By working in groups, students formed companies whose focus would be nature and earth oriented. For example one company was established to recycle, one to educate school age children about nature, and one was a liason company to work with big corporations. Students learned about careers in this field and every child was required to participate in the presentations.

Annual Pre-K Play a Success

Mrs. Leah Archer has patience to spare! Can you imagine not only training four year old minds all day but preparing them to have a speaking part in a play? She and aide, Mrs. Sonya Lindsey have worked tirelessly and it showed. The parents were beaming as their children performed their play about spring. From flowers, to ants, to spring rains, the four year olds sang about all aspects of spring. And just in case they forgot to get up on cue, there was a fifth grader nearby to nudge them gently. Twelve fifth graders who sang these same songs as Austinville pre-k students were brave enough to perform them once again. What a fun way to leave Austinville as a fifth grader! Thanks Pre-K for a great performance!

Mark Your Calendars! May is Here!


  • 1 - Relay Recess Activities during Special Area
  • 5 - ESL Student Ice Cream Party
  • 5 - Third Grade Visits Cooks Museum
  • 6 - Sweet Potato Money Due - Fundraiser for a New Marquee
  • 8 - Sweet Potato Delivery
  • 8 - Field Day and Knowledge Jamboree
  • 11 - Half Price Book Fair
  • 12 - Half Price Book Fair
  • 13 - Space and Rocket Center Field Trip - 4th & 5th
  • 18 - Awards Day -
  • 19 - Third Grade Field Trip to Ivy Green
  • 19 - Pre-K Graduation
  • 19 - Fifth Grade Graduation and Awards
  • 20 - Awards Day - 4th Grade 9 - 10 am
  • 20 - Awards Day - 3rd Grade 10 - 11
  • 21 - DVD's Delivered to Fifth Grade Students
  • 22 - Last Day of School - Students Released at Noon