Senior Year Info Class of 2022

Created by SEHS Counselors

Checking your Graduation Status

When you receive your year long schedule please review it and make sure you're not missing a graduation requirement. You can do this by checking your Graduation Status Tab in StudentVue. If you see any gray bars indicated, you'll need to request an additional class.

Please make sure to pay close attention to our SEHS Scheduling Department Website and for announcements regarding opportunities to make changes. A google form will likely be available as soon as fall schedules are released.

That will be the most effective way to make a scheduling adjustment and/or corrections. If you are unable to make the necessary adjustment please contact your counselor for assistance.

Schedule a Senior Interview Fall Term

The purpose of the Senior Interview is to provide information that supports your goals for a successful and enjoyable senior year, and help launch you into life after high school.

  • The counselor would review how you read your Work in Progress transcript and make sure you don't have credits in the Need column. You will hear about this year's requirements for graduation.
  • We would review the process for requesting college materials from us.

  • You will hear about SEHS resources and activities that can support your plans for after high school.
  • Learn how you can locate scholarships and the FAFSA/ORSAA

  • Be introduced or reintroduced to organizations that are providing career exploration activities.

  • Answer any individual questions you may have.

Please schedule a Senior Interview, starting in October, with this scheduling system which can also be found on our SEHS Counselor Website.

Essential Skills in Reading, Writing and Math Requirements have been waived for the Class of 2022

Personalized Learning Requirements

Some of you might have heard of a graduation requirement called Senior Project or Senior Experience. At this time we are postponing this requirement and are relying more heavily on the following:

-Junior Project completed

-Senior Interview conducted with your counselor

-Have a plan or plans for after high school

Students can still work towards a CTE Project if they choose. They will work with their CTE teacher to complete the necessary steps.

Purple Packet for 4 Year College Applications

If you're planning to apply to college this year you'll likely need academic materials from SEHS. The Purple Packet is our way of gathering and tracking what you need from us. The form will walk you through how to get a counselor recommendations, a teacher recommendations and transcripts. Please do your best to complete this at least two weeks before your first college application deadline. You can pick up a Purple Packet from Leann before, during or after your Senior Interview.

Your counselor or our counseling secretary, Leann Hollenbeak, at 541-790-8013 or can help with anything regarding your college applications.

SEHS College & Career Center support including The Junior Project

The Essential Skills in reading, writing and math are not required for the class of 2022 but the Personalized Learning requirement has not been waived. The Junior Project is a big part of the Personalized Learning requirement and if you did not have a chance to complete that as a junior, you should as a senior. The Junior Project modules should still be available on your Canvas account, which we will be utilizing next year (2021-2022) as well.

If you have any questions about the specific components of the project please contact Lori Sauter at

Didn't have a Junior Interview with your counselor? Haven't done your Junior Project?

It's okay! First start by checking out the Junior Interview Newsletter. You'll want to sign up for a Senior Interview early in the year (as early as October) and we will cover everything you missed and more.

Your Junior Project can be accessed via Canvas all summer, and likely next year as well. Please read below regarding the Junior Project.

Transcript Request Form

Having an initial transcript is often a requirement for many colleges. For the initial transcript request we ask that you complete a Transcript Request form, which you could get form Leann Hollenbeak in the counseling office. You will also need to make sure you put college(s) in the "I'm applying to" section of Naviance.

Please don't forget to pay $2 for each transcript at: Transcript School Pay

UO SAIL and Elevate of Lane County

The Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) is now happening all year long. They are hosting Virtual SAIL for High School Students every week throughout the school year. Join UO Faculty and College Students for weekly Live & Learn Presentations, click SAIL

Elevate Lane County is also a great resource to explore careers. Elevate Lane County's mission is to help Lane county students envision the pathway from school to their future career.

Lane Community College (LCC)

If your future includes Lane Community College, we recommend you apply by the spring of senior year. Check out this LCC Admissions Webpage for step by step directions on making the plan come true. Why Apply to Lane Community College YouTube video.

After you apply for admission it will be time to start thinking about funding for your LCC experience. The first step is to complete either the FAFSA or ORSAA.

A great resource for those attending a community college in Oregon is the Oregon Promise which helps eligible students pay for the first two years of tuition.

Another great website to go to is the LCC Foundation Scholarship Page. The deadline is usually March 1st of your senior year.

Drop-in Hours and Appointments

If you would like to make an appointment with your counselor, please go to our scheduling system that can be found on our SEHS Counseling Department Website.

If you have a quick question you want to talk to your counselor about, please come to our drop-in periods as followed:

Monday: 1st Period

Tuesday: 2nd Period

Wednesday: 3rd Period

Thursday: 4th Period

Friday: 5th Period