Crime Scene Investigator

James Jeter III


CSI agents also known as forensic scientist collect, identify and analyze evidence. They help police convict criminals and usually help in court because they are the ones who analyze the evidence. Being a crime scene investigator is an in the field job where you will be working at the scene the crime. They also make sure making sure that all evidence is properly collected and documented.


Becoming a crime scene investigator requires a four year bachelors degree. It is possible to be hired with only an associates degree but pay will be much lower. Having a bachelors degree will allow you to receive a higher position than someone with an associates degree.

Basic Crime Scene Investigation Class

Pay Scale

The pay level of a crime scene investigator depends on what level you're working on. For example, someone working on the state government level will make significantly less that someone working on the Federal government level.

  • Local Government: $55,950 a year
  • State Government: $51,100 a year
  • Federal Government: $94,800 a year


  • Weekly pay
  • Paid holidays after 1500 hours worked
  • 40 hours vacation after 2000 hours worked
  • 401(k)
  • Health care

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