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December 18, 2015

A Holiday Message from GISD

Find GISD's 2015 holiday message here. This year's message features staff and students making good things happen throughout the year!

The Gift of Customer Service

A guest at a hotel was on a business trip and preparing for an early morning presentation. As the guest was showering and getting ready for the day, she realized there was no hairdryer in the hotel room. Upon calling the guest services line, the operator responded, "Guest services, how can I make your day today?" Hmmm, nice welcoming response thought the guest and then stated a hair dryer was needed in room 2233. The operator then responded, "Oh, well there must be one in the bathroom. Did you look? I can put a work ticket in and see if someone can bring one to your room." Forty minutes had passed and no hairdryer. The guest's business meeting was scheduled to start in 20 minutes and she could not go with wet hair. In an attempt get a hairdryer, the guest called the operator again and received a response, "Well the work ticket was put in, that’s all I can do." So, the guest left the room to seek help finding a dryer.

Down the hall was a maintenance employee working on a cart in the store room. The guest approached the maintenance employee explaining the situation and asking for help. The maintenance employee stopped what she was doing and politely apologized for the inconvenience. She sent the guest back to the room and personally went and found a hairdryer, which was delivered with a smile within just a few minutes.

This employee did something very easy, but very meaningful, to meet the needs of someone else and help repair a negative situation. Your experience in any situation can be enhanced or dampened by a single person. Each of us can easily describe a time - whether it was a hotel stay, a visit to a restaurant, a medical office visit, or while shopping - when the experience was made even more memorable because of a person. That individual smiled, made an effort to do everything possible, and brightened your day just by simply giving a little extra attention.

The Navigator Service Crew has worked hard to develop a simple reminder to provide the GIFT of Customer Service when greeting others at GISD.

G - Greet the person with a smile

I - Identify their need

F - Follow through or follow up to meet the need

T - Thank them for coming in

By giving the GIFT of customer service, we help others to feel valued and listened to while leaving a positive impression and memory of our organization in their mind.

Innovation Crew Update

The GISD Navigators Innovation Crew would like to thank all the GISD employees that have contributed an innovative idea. As a result of our initial flurry of ideas, the crew continues to refine the idea evaluation process. Once an idea is submitted by employees at GISD, it is assigned to the appropriate department and, if necessary, progresses through an objective process to determine if the idea meets GISD’s needs, fit, capacity, resources, etc. Staff receive feedback as their innovative idea moves through the process.

To date, GISD has implemented approximately 12% of the ideas submitted, with approximately 50% of the ideas still in the process of being explored. All of this means that your ideas are already improving our organization!

Captain Innovator has released a new video. You can view his latest adventure below, and don't forget to submit your innovative ideas at!

Share Some Inspiration

Within many of GISD's buildings, you may have noticed an inspirational message that changes each week. These quotes are intended to offer a positive and affirming thought to all who may see it. These uplifting and thought provoking messages have generated considerable feedback and inquiry; mostly about where did they come from and who keeps changing them? While those details will remain confidential, one idea that was submitted through the Navigator Innovative Idea process has resulted in an opportunity for everyone to participate in sharing inspiring words with others.

If you would like to offer an inspirational quote to be included in the rotation, all you have to do is send your suggested message to and note “Inspiration” in the subject line. All submitted quotes should be aligned with GISD’s mission and encourage team members in the context of service to others through their daily work. These quotes will be accumulated throughout the year and then, pending review by Advisory Council during the summer, the quotes will be used throughout the subsequent academic year. We are excited about this opportunity to engage fellow team members in the process and look forward to receiving your suggestions.

A special thanks to John Hemingway of the Greater Flint Educational Consortium for his innovative idea!

Employee Honored with STAR Award

Diana Templeton, Custodian for GISD Head Start at Dailey Elementary, was recently recognized at a GISD Board of Education meeting with the STAR Award! The colleague(s) that nominated Diana noted, "She can be found throughout the building fulfilling roles that go way beyond her job duties. If we are missing a secretary, you might find her at the desk covering. If a child is having a rough day, you might see her peeking in and checking on the child." They also mentioned that not only does Diana demonstrate leadership and service by being available to help at all times in any role needed, but she shows innovation by constantly thinking of different ways to make the building run more smoothly and stay safe, clean, and positive. Congratulations for this honor, and thanks for exemplifying the GISD mission, Diana!

The STAR award recognition program is open to all employees. To nominate a staff member, simply complete the nomination form that is available in the Staff Resources area of the GISD website and in the main office of GISD school buildings.

Superintendent Receives National Award

Congratulations to GISD Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hagel who received the Justus A. Prentice Award from the Association of Educational Service Agencies. The award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions to educational service agency programs at the regional, state, and/or national levels

State Association Honors GISD Assistant Superintendent

Congratulations to GISD Assistant Superintendent for Special Education Cherie Wager, who has been honored by the Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education with the Batten Humanitarian Award! The award honors those who are committed to serving students with disabilities, while displaying the gifts of honesty, integrity, trust, and compassion.

Staff Help to Keep Kids Warm

On December 9, GISD Technology and Media Services employees successfully delivered 60 sets of hats and mittens to a kindergarten and first grade classroom at Carter Elementary in the Montrose Community School District. Organizers wish to thank all who made this year’s hat and mitten drive a success!

Departments Partner to Adopt Families

Staff at Early Childhood Programs and Services (ECPS) are grateful for their students and families. Every year, ECPS staff coordinate an adopt-a-family program for families needing assistance during the holidays. This year, 18 families from the special education preschool and birth- to-three program were adopted. Employees from the Transportation Services and Special Education Services departments also graciously partnered with ECPS staff to buy clothing and gifts for each child. Food was collected and distributed to the families, as well. Staff report that they appreciate the opportunity to give back to our GISD families and make the holidays a little more magical.

Genesee Intermediate School District

GISD is proud to be an NCA AdvancED accredited intermediate school district. Serving students, parents, educators, and the greater Genesee County community!