January Guidance Newsletter

Happy 2016!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! This month I want to focus on starting the year on the right foot when it comes to how we treat each other. With Martin Luther King Jr's Day this month I thought it would be a perfect time to review acceptance and kindness towards each other.

I also want to help students start the year off on a better foot when it comes to grades, especially our middle school students. I have gone through and identified every student that has at least 1 D on their second quarter report card and will be contacting their parents to see if they would like their son or daughter to participate in a small group with me. The group will meet once a week for 6 weeks and review ideas such as accountability, organization and smart goal setting.

Guidance Lessons

Each lesson is designed to be 20 to 30min long.

Pre-K - 1st - Have you filled a bucket read aloud and activity
We will be reading aloud "Have you filled a Bucket" and then making our own buckets to help remind everyone that being kind is not only good for others but good for ourselves too!

2nd and 3rd - Kindness and Gratitude Game
Students will be in groups of 5-6 and be given a bean bag per group. They take turns tossing the bag to everyone and giving a compliment to the person they are throwing it to until everyone has has a turn. Next round they say something nice about themselves, final round they say something they are thankful for. Then we will review and reflect as a class.

4th - Who are our influences activity
This activity encourages students to think about different people, groups, or media that influence their choices. There will be a short written reflection at the end.

5th - 6th - Nick Vujicic video response/discussion
Nick Vujicic (pronounced voy-chik) is a motivational speaker. He was born without arms or legs and has accomplished more in his life than the average able-bodied person has. We will watch a short clip and then process/reflect on how we see ourselves and how we could be kinder to ourselves.

7th - 8th - I Am From...Poem Writing Activity
Following a template I will provide students will write original poetry that will celebrate where they come from and the influences in their lives. Volunteer students will share their works.

Please let me know a Tues or Thursday you have available for me to come in. Thanks so much!!