"Acceptance for All"

General Information

Population: 1 million (1,000,000,000)

Location: Off of the western coast of the United States

Currency: US Dollar

Capital: Vincent

Language: English

National Flower: Sunflower

National Color: Purple

National Animal: Deer (serenity and peace)

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Meaning of the Flag

  • Red: Red represents life, and how precious each and every life that exists here matters.
  • Orange: Orange represents healing, and how our country really does come together to support one another.
  • Yellow: Yellow represents happiness. Our governments aims to make the majority happy to live in this great country.
  • Green: Green represents nature and how grateful we are for our wonderful and abundant resources.
  • Blue: Blue represents sincerity and the openness of our country.
  • Purple: Purple represents our country as a whole. As you can see this color is the base for all of the other colors. This color truly represents the acceptance and wonderful character of our people.


The country of Gogh is located off of the coast of the western United States. So, the US is the only country that borders the country of Gogh and then the Pacific Ocean borders the other side of our country, and the north and south. The US states that border us are Oregon, California, and Washington. We are also about half of the size of the United States in square miles.

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  • Oil
  • Alternative Energy
  • Fish
  • Fruit crop such as, peaches, strawberries and grapes
  • Beef
  • Wool
  • Wood
  • Silver, Gold and Copper


The country of Gogh, is a country that prides itself on democracy. Every 5 years, the people get to vote on their states representatives, and then in turn they also get to vote for their leader. Currently, our elected leader is Chelsie Mangold. Chelsie is the second female president that we have had in this country since our country was established in 1897.

There are restrictions on who can vote in this country. One restriction is, you must be at least the age of 20, but there are no gender restrictions. You also have to have been a citizen of Gogh for at least two years.

We have 3 branches very much so like the United States, but with a slight twist. There is the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. The legislative branch is not broken up, into parties because here, neither of those parties exist, we are one unit. We do however have a selected person that runs each branch. These leaders are selected by the people, and the executive branch also has a say in the matter. And, since we are an indirect democracy, the people do not get to directly vote on every issue that is at hand, but it is important to be able to care for each region's needs, so we are also a federal government. We believe that this method allows things to run more smoothly.

Relations Within and Abroad

Our country does not have any ongoing conflicts. We believe that acceptance is the most important belief you can posses. It does not matter what ethnicity you are, what religion you decide to follow, what your sexual orientation is, or what your political views are because, as stated before, we do not directly separate political views into parties. You believe what you believe and that does not mean you belong to one party or another.

You always do have those people that don't agree with every decision ever made, but we handle these problems very civilly. We like to brag about the fact that our crime rate is the lowest crime rate in the whole world.

Allies: United States, Canada, France, China, South Korea are the major allies of Gogh

Our closest ally is the US. One, literally they border us, and two, we are a large oil producer and our forests are abundant.

Enemies: North Korea

Major Cities

  • Frida
  • Da Vinci
  • Vincent (Capital)
  • Monet
  • Warhol

Most of our country’s population resides in these bigger cities, but we do have our fair share of rural residents. One city in particular, Wood, contains mostly rural residence. We like to have a great variety here to have the best of both worlds and sides of the spectrum. We believe in thriving in every area including technological advancement and agricultural advancement. This also pertains to the nationalized businesses and private businesses. Rural cities give us more of the private businesses, and the larger cities give us those nationalized businesses.

Economy and Employment

Gogh is a country where there are privately owned businesses, but there are also those bigger national businesses. You can call this a mixed economy. Once again, people need to have freedoms, so what money we do receive from our resources we leave up to the people to vote on and decide what we do with that money.

Gogh is a wealthy country where the unemployment rate is extremely low. Many people in this country are manufacturers, designers, and artists. We also have many farmers, fishermen, and lumbermen. We believe in quality over quantity, and because we have such creative and inventive minds in this great country, we think things are a lot more inventive and interesting here.