Never Give Up

The Odyssey Books 21-24

Suitors Still!

The suitors for queen Penelope's hand are still in Odysseus's home bothering her and Telemachus. After Odysseus being gone for 20 years, Penelope has conjured up a competition for the suitors to win her hand in marrige. The suitors have to string Odysseus's bow and shoot it through 12 axe handles. The competition is taking place on Apollo's day, and many suitors are unsuccessful. Antinous proposed that they postpone the challenge until the next day to have more luck without challenging the integrity of Apollo's skill. None were successful, even when cheating!

Odysseus Has Returned!

Penelope Remains Faithful!

Odysseus has finally come back to Ithaca. He first came disguised as a beggar, but revealed himself to Telemachus and they began plotting to get rid of the Suitors. The suitors were appalled when the beggar tried at the bow trick and succeeded. After this, Odysseus, Telemachus, the cow herd, and the swine herd all banded together to defeat the suitors. Antinous, being the ringleader of the suitors, was the first killed. With Athena's aid, they were able to defeat the suitors. After the unfaithful women cleaned the mess of the slaughter, they were also killed. Finally, Odysseys is revealed to Penelope and she tests him. She says to get him their bed, but it being built out of a tree would mean they would be cutting down the tree signifying cutting down their marriage. She realizes his greif and accepts that he is truly Odysseus. Soon after, Odysseus visits his father, King Laertes and they are confronted by the suitors family. Laertes kills Antinous's father, but Athena and the rest of the gods prevent it from breaking into a full war, and agree that everyone should live in peace from then on.