3rd Grade Stars

Room 207's Classroom Newsletter: February 2020

Student Spotlight

We put our New’s Resolutions on triangle shaped Purple pieces of paper and put different colored streamers on the back. We all enjoyed working on this project after winter break.

It was awesome!

At the beginning of January, Mrs.Dettloff came to our class and read us a book called “ Miss Moore Thought Otherwise.” It was about rights for women, and that they should be able to vote too. People used to say that women and children should stay home and do activities and men should be outside and fight others to save the people in there families and village. This was a great book for us to listen to because we were studying biographies in reading.

In order to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., we spent time reading about him. We also watched movie clips from “Our Friend Martin.” We thought it was cool how he traveled through time during the movie. We were able to read and see details about his life and the struggles he had.

For math, we started module 4 with area and perimeter! We all learned a new Flocabulary song about perimeter and area. As an introduction to the module, we had to find the area and perimeter of our names.

On January 8th, our class created our own science quiz!

The science quiz was about how a life cycle is formed and how animals live.

Now we have moved on to a new scope! We are now learning about animal lives and how they work together as a group. Sometimes being in a group is helpful, and sometimes it is also hurtful.

We learned about bullying from Officer Regal this month. If someone is being bullied they should tell an adult. They should also stand up for themselves.For PBIS reteach we all had to go to different stations throughout the day. We had a reteach to review our school expectations. We learned a lot of stuff throughout the day!

By: Yasir, Anastasia, Hermiz

Happy Birthday!!!

Atiqullah, Mia, Riad, & Reeya

January Bravery Award Winners

Aarav & Pankhuri


We are about half way through with Module 4: In this 20-day module, students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior understandings of multiplication. In Grade 2, students partitioned a rectangle into rows and columns of same-sized squares and found the total number by both counting and adding equal addends represented by the rows or columns (2.G.2, 2.OA.4).

*Please make sure to practice fluency at home by using Xtra math and math concepts using Zearn and Khan Academy.

How to Find Area and Perimeter

Science, Reading, & Writing

Students have begun their, "My Life as An Animal" project. Students will research about their animals using nonfiction texts and take notes. Students are exploring the appearance, behavior, diet, and life cycle of their animal. After students create their project, they will write an expository paper about their animals, and then publish their work by creating a book using Book Creator.


In our next scope, students are exploring social and group behavior. Students are working to figure out: "How can living in a group help or hurt an animal’s chances of survival?" *Discuss this question at home and possible positives and negatives of living in a group. We will also be working together to answer our final guiding questions- "How does an animal get food and defend itself."


Unit 3 focuses on Character Studies. "This unit spotlights the study of character and bring young readers on an intellectual journey akin to the one that characters go on in books. In Bend I, we will focus on how readers get to know characters by studying them deeply, first observing, then coming up with hunches or ideas, and then investigating patterns that reveal deeper character traits and motivations in order to articulate evidence-based theories."

Character Traits Flocabulary

Reading Logs

Remember to fill out your reading log whenever you are reading! One reading log should be kept at school in the reading folder, and the other log should be kept in the take home folder.

6 Flags- Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed is an exciting program that encourages students in grades K through 6 to read for fun. Students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free ticket to Six Flags! This program is a great way to motivate kids to read. This year Six Flags Read To Succeed is using eReading Logs where parents register their own students using our special code: YQYG1. Register your child today: sixflags.com/books .
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Important February Dates

Friday, 2/14: Valentine's Day & Early Dismissal @ 11:30am for School Improvement- AM Schedule

Monday, 2/17: Presidents' Day- No School

Etga's Riddle of the Month

What don't you enter but you leave?

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