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Jhalak Shah - CHC 2O0

Academic: Goal Setting 2016

S- By the end of Grade 10, my goal is to get a 80 per cent and above on my English exam so my overall report card average increases.

M- I will ask my class mates to test me. If I do well, I will be able to recognize my progress.

A- I will prepare for exams 3 weeks before they begin. in further detail, I will review 4 pages for each course every night.I will create practice tests to help review and ask my teacher for clarification when help is needed. I will study with another person with the same course which is scientifically proven more beneficial than any other studying method. I will also review the novels read in class by reading the chapter summaries and analysis, character analysis, and quote analysis on spark notes.

R- This goal is important to me at this time because working well under pressure is a good skill I need to develop. This skill will be needed in post secondary and through out my life, which is why it should be something I am excellent at, since in the end, it will benefit my life. Furthermore, English has been the course in which I experience difficultly. Being able to get an 80 percent and above on the exam would help me improve in that course.

T- I will reach my goal by the end of June 2016.

Volunteering: Goal Setting

S- By the beginning of Grade 11, I want to volunteer at the Brampton Hospital so I can gain experience and see if the medical field a good career option for me.

M- I will ask my friends to come volunteer with me there, this will make sure I am on track and it will put some pressure on me to accomplish the goal instead of procrastinating.

A- To attain this goal, I will fill out a volunteer form found on William Osler's website. Furthermore, after they receive my form, they will call me for an interview. I will tell them the reasons why I want to do this and how committed I will be.

R- This goal is important to me because volunteering at the hospital will give me a sense of direction. I will know if going into the medical field is what I want. That way in the future I wont waste money or time in post-secondary deciding if I actually want to into this field or not. Moreover, I will gain more experience and it will teach me many skills such as being punctual. committed, productive...etc.

T- I will achieve this goal by the beginning of grade 11. Hence, I will volunteer over the summer of 2016.

Transitions and Change

Future Resume

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Challenges and Solutions

Challenges come along with each and every job. The most difficult part of a challenge is how to overcome it. Some difficulties one encounters due to my job are the feeling of distress, and the possibility of exposure to the contaminants from evidence. To begin with, the feeling of distress comes along with the sights of disturbing evidence. One can feel very anxious due to this. There are multiple ways to overcome such obstacles by developing a nurturing voice, grounding yourself, and keeping your focus in the present moment. Distress is psychological, hence the solution also has to be psychological. Developing a nurturing voice and comforting yourself will calm one down. Grounding yourself and focusing on the moment itself will stop one from thinking about how much worse the situation can be. All in all, distress can be avoided and solved using multiple methods.

Pursuing this forward, while examining evidence, there is a possibility of exposure to the contaminants from the evidence and the chemicals they use to identify fingerprints, DNA, and more. Many safety precautions can take place which can help avoid such situations. There are industrial safety procedures that one has to follow to make sure no incidents take place. That includes being aware of your surroundings, not storing or eating food in a lab, avoid wearing loose clothing, keeping long hair tied back, and always wearing personal protective equipment. Being aware of your surroundings will be helpful to one because they will know where the physical hazards are before, during and after the laboratory procedure. One cannot store food in a lab since it could get contaminated and then that contaminated food would go into one’s body. This could be dangerous, hence it is not allowed. Furthermore, wearing personal protective equipment is necessary so the chemicals aren’t exposed to unprotected skin. These are mandatory rules one has to follow to prevent getting exposed to chemicals and accidents taking place. In conclusion, Forensic Laboratory Analysts face many challenges in which some of them include, distress due to disturbing evidence, and exposure to chemicals in process of analyzing the evidence. Along with challenges, there is always a solution.