KidSpring Connections

May 3 , 2015

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, and Every Story Matters to God!

This Sunday we saw:

  • 932 Kids
  • 53 First Timers
  • 250 Volunteers
  • 1 KidSpring Salvation!!!

For the 2nd week in a row, we've gotten to see a kid from KidSpring meet Jesus on a Sunday! One thing we value is parents getting to be the spiritual leader for their children. This week, Wells, a 5 year old from SpringFresh Market got to pray with his dad to make Jesus the leader of his life. They've been praying for this moment since before he was born!

Last week, we had a volunteer lead a child to Jesus because the parents didn't feel comfortable doing so. BOTH are examples of kids & families in our church that we're reaching! Whether you get to see it or not, you speaking truth & life into kids is paving the way for them to have their eternities changed! Imagine what Jesus will do with a generation of kids that love & follow him from such an early age?!

Special Event- May 15th

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"Suit Up" KidSpring Series Kickoff

Friday, May 15th, 6pm

120 East Park Avenue

Greenville, SC

Join us for a Super Hero {Ice Cream} Sundae party as we get ready to kick off our new KidSpring Series "SUIT UP!" We'll meet at the park for fun, food, & games! Sign up to bring your favorite ice cream topping! We can't wait to party with you soon!


New Volunteers To Welcome to the KidSpring Team This Week!

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Volunteer of the Week: SARAH CLARK

Sarah Clark is our KidSpring Volunteer of the Week! Sarah serves our SpringZone kids at the 11:15 service. They way that she loves our special needs kids & cares for them is unparalleled! Her patience overflows as she makes a way for kids to learn about Jesus on their level every single week! Sarah is a hero to us!

This Week in KidSpring


Song: We are Royalty

CWD PS We Are Royalty

Bible Story: Good King Asa

Password: kidspring


Song: Royalty


Bible Story: Good King Asa

Password: kidspring