Cade Myers, Editor-in-Cheif

The Purpose of Muckraking

Muckraking is a form of public service journalism that seeks to protect the public and expose problems in society. Its defined as ''the reporting through one's own work product and initiative of matters of importance which some person or group want to keep secret" One of the main purposes in the 20th century was to serve as a driving force to political.

The meat-packing industry was a part of muckraking because muckrakers exposed how they cut the meat and what they did to the meat. President Roosevelt called the conditions revealed in the special commission report "revolting." In a letter to Congress, he declared , "A law is needed which will enable the inspectors of the Federal Government to inspect and supervise from the hoof to the can the preparation of the meat food production." Roosevelt overcame meat-packer opposition and pushed through the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.

Progressive Political Cartoon

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Putting The Screws On Him

Shows George B. turning a vice to squeeze money for Theodore Roosevelt's campaign from a bloated man labeled "The Trusts". I am against trusts because they had all the money and they were getting too powerful. They improved work conditions with public health and safety. This cartoon shows trusts being limited.

Bomb or Torpedo?

The ship the Maine, sunk in Havana Harbor, on February 15th, an explosion went off through the ships hull, and the Maine went down. Cuba concluded that the explosion had occurred on board but Hearts and Pulitzer published rumors of plots to sink the ship. They made it sound like the Spanish sunk the ship. By early April 25th, 1898, the Spanish-American War had begun. Later, investigators soon learned that the explosion came from the ship.
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You Do Stuff for Me, I Will Do Stuff for You

A liberty Bond was a war bond that was sold in the United States to support the allied cause in World War 1. Subscribing to the bonds became a symbol of patriotic duty in the United States and introduced the idea of financial securities to many citizens for the first time. The bonds helped a lot back then and they are still being used today.

Classified Advertisements

For Sale, American inventor, Thomas Edison lights up the street with a incandescent built at Menlo Park, New Jersey

Wanted, Telephone Transmitter job wanted,

Services, Louisiana Farm Labor Act

Wanted, Henry Fords assembly line

Services, Mississippi Penal Act

For Sale, Henry Fords model T

Sinking of the Lusitania

One of the reasons the U.S. got into WW1 was because of the sinking of the Lusitania. It was a British ship but it was a military ship because it was transporting munitions and passengers. The ship went down because a German U-boat sunk it with a torpedo. The ship was carrying about 1,198 passengers who died including the 128 Americans who died on it. But they did not declare war yet until 2 years later after the Zimmerman Note.

Babe Ruth Hits Another

George Herman, also know as Babe Ruth was an American baseball outfielder and pitcher who played 22 season in Major League Baseball from 1914 to 1935. He began his career as a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox but achieved his greatest place as a slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees. He hit 714 homers, his RBI was 2,213, and he was on base 2,062 times. He was one of the first five in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

The Roaring 20s

In 1919, The 18 Amendment had banned the manufacture and sale of “intoxicating liquors,” and on January 16, 1920, the federal Volstead Act closed every tavern bar and saloon in the United States. From then on, it was illegal to sell any “intoxication beverages” with more than 0.5 percent alcohol. This took the liquor trade in the ground, people went to illegal ordinary bars, where it was controlled by bootleggers, racketeers and other organized-crime figures such as Chicago gangster Al Copone

The Gilded Age

California (CA)

The Golden State


Had the big Earthquake in 1906


Iowa (IA)

Des Moines

The Hawkeye State

Number 1 cash crop in America


New York (NY)


The Empire State

Had the Skyscraper Competition in the 1920s

The Roaring 20s

Louisiana (LA)

Baton Rouge

The Pelican State

Louisiana is the birth place of jazz music