World War 2


Explain Why World War 2 Began

  • It began on September 1, 1939.
  • It began because Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg,the Netherlands, Belgum, Norway, and France.
  • The invation involved into an international conflict involving 61 countries

Identify What Denmark had To Do With World War 2

  • Denmark had to do with WW2 because the German forces invaded the country
  • The Danes surrendered after a few hours of fighting

Below is the picture of a Destroyed Building

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Derscribe Why Adolf Hitler Wanted to Take Over the World

  • Hitler and his followers believed he could win back Germany's past glory
  • He told his soldiers to have NO PITY, and to ACT BRUTALLY!
  • He ordered thousands of those who opposed him to be executed
  • Hitler promised to rebuild Germany into a mighty empire that would last a thousand years

Below is the picture of when the Germans invaded 61 countries

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The video was basically about how Adolf Hitler came to be the leader of the Nazi and what he did with them.
The audio was basically about what we have learned about World War 2 and its effects.


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