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Chloe + Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry. March 16th

Double Hostess Credits is being extended to March 31st !!

For every Pop Up totaling $1,000, you earn DOUBLE the hostess credits. That's $500 worth of jewelry for FREE. Now, you may be thinking "What would I do with $500 worth of jewelry?" But think of all the gifts you could buy with that? Bead + Chain wrap bracelets for your friends for their birthdays. Pretty bobby pins for your daughter. I know I end up buying gifts for all of my teen's friends for their birthdays - stock up on some studs or petite bracelets! Since you have a full year to use them, you could save them for November when you start your Christmas shopping!
Online Pop Ups take a little more than an hour of your time. No cleaning, food preparation or entertaining required. You don't even have to send your husband and kids away. Just invite your friends and family to join a Facebook group. I set up a few games to play to get them interested in the brand, have them going out to my Boutique to take a look and fall in love. Hostesses help get their people interested and keep the Pop Up hopping. I take care of everything else.
My calendar is very flexible since I do everything from the comfort of my home office - and you can get cuddled up on your couch with a glass of wine. Contact me to set you up! The earlier the better for getting to your $1,000 Pop up goal!

A little bit here and there ...

I have a few friends who have recently asked for my help in updating their wardrobes. Both were adventures taking several hours - quite a few stores - lots of walking - but very successful. Somehow, I am able to convince them to try some new things and mix a little sale with a couple new pieces. One of my fashion rules is to shop only for things that are appropriate for work. Now, this depends on what you do for work, for me it's loosely "courtroom appropriate". I fudge on the court uniform a bit because I can pull off "funky" with dress pants, a graphic tee, Chuck Taylors and some awesome jewelry. It's easy to dress down a nice blouse with a pair of ripped jeans or cut off jean shorts. You can even get away with a great plain tee shirt with long walking shorts and a cute blazer or waterfall sweater. Style it with some nude summer sandals for a great dressed up look.
Although this kind of Power Shopping can be fun, it can also be overwhelming emotionally and to your budget. This is why to most people I must be a shop-a-holic. I know the salespeople in my favorite stores and they know me by name - why? Because I shop more often. Now, I'm not spending hundreds every time I hit the stores - I often will set my budget at "I need a new Pieone blouse" or "Nordstrom just came out with a new Caslon cartigan." I ran into Loft this week with some coupons for a couple new summer blouses. It refreshes my wardrobe and it makes me go through and match the new with the old! Why yes, that new chambray sleeveless blouse will go great with my 4 year old favorite camo dress pants!
Next time you find yourself in a clothing store (or Target) take a look through and see if something catches your eye. Don't worry about what it matches right away. Chances are when you get home, there's something waiting for a little update. =)
Need help? I'm always up for going through your closet to help you get rid of the seriously outdated and help you shop for a few new pieces to make you feel a little more prepared for summer. Or perhaps you need some advice picking out some accessories to go with a new outfit - text me a picture of the troublesome outfit and I'll give you some options.
Split Pea Jewelry isn't just about selling jewelry, I'm a full service styling service!!
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Gabby Jacobsen, Merchandiser

Enjoy taking a look at one of the new categories in my Boutique. "Under $50" is a great way to give your accessories a bit of an update without blowing your budget.