E cigarettes Misuse

Palm Beach County abusing e cigarettes

Palm Beach County abusing e cigarettes

Good Morning everyone, this is Greg Bear, hope you are in touch with my posts on regular basis. Today I am discussing on the potential drug abuse in Palm beach County. Recently, I found in news that police is looking for the potential drug abuse on beaches. They are suspecting electronic cigarettes are using as abusive drugs on Palm Beach County.

The beautiful summers are on and beaches are crowded, no matter how much hot the weather is. People arrive on beaches to enjoy the feel of beach and I also do the same to make me feel free, I always visit beaches. The exciting stuff at beach in summer’s days is the most memorable time for the whole year. Every summer I visit hundreds of beach to make fun and excitement to relief my stress. I always say that Life is better at the Beach.

The one thing I love most about the beach is the feeling of tranquility and inner peace, looking at the vast ocean, the blue sky, the sway of coconut trees and gentle blow of the sea breeze makes me feel so free. The warmth of the sun feels good as it shines down on your shoulders. And all these fun is doubled if I enjoy it with e cigarettes. For me it is the best gadgets which satisfy my nicotine crave in proper manner.

Now Police is trying to stop the misuse of electronic cigarettes as a drug, so they restrict its use on beaches. But I am totally disagreed because from now I can’t be able to enjoy e cigarettes on beach and I believe most of the users who love to vape while outside are totally disagreed on this decision.