How to start a coding club for next to nothing.

It's the hottest thing going....

  • Today's 5th graders in 10 years will be working, in college or both. Most of the technologies that they are going to need in their future have not even been invented yet!
  • In 10 years, there is a predicted demand for 1.4 millions coders. However, there will only be about 400k graduates to fill those jobs.
  • High demand + fewer candidates = larger salaries!
  • You don't have to know a whole lot about coding. There are tons of websites and apps out there that don't teach kids how to code, but they provide the scaffolding so students can teach themselves!
  • Coding helps students learn problem solving skills, it builds confidence, increases digital literacy, allows them to be creative, and it fosters skills they will use for a lifetime.

What steps do I need to take?

  1. assess your resources (computer lab, # of laptops, ipads, etc.)
  2. decide on an age group
  3. determine a time: before, after or during school
  4. fine an app or website that you feel comfortable with
  5. assess equipment needs (smartboard, projector for large group instruction)
  6. cost (in many cases, websites and apps are free)
  7. advertise (posters, google docs, in classes, twitter, websites, etc.)
  8. start with an #hourofcode at

Do I need to be an expert?

Heck, NO! You don't need to be an expert in coding, only an expert in finding resources. There are tons of sites that provide the scaffolding for students to be creative in coding and teach themselves!

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Sedley Abercrombie

MLIS, Library Media Coordinator, SymbalooPRO Educator, Common Sense Media Educator, NCSLMA Emerging Leader, NCVPS Course Developer