America in the 1950s

Higher Pay

Do to the increase in education and the expansion of businesses all across America in the late 1940's-early 1950's, many people were able to get higher paying jobs such as clerical, managerial or professional, and tended to preform services in fields like sales, advertising, insurance and communications. By 1956, most Americans had higher paying jobs and higher educations. This helped the American economy and the average person, because people who had more money, spent more and that went into other workers pay checks.
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Conglomerates (major corporations that include a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries that started around the 1950's) helped companies expand all across the U.S. and created even more jobs which helped the countries economies. One example is the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), their original business was communications, they bought car rental companies, insurance companies, and hotel and motel chains. These conglomerates helped the economy of the U.S. raise rapidly after the war.
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