My Influential Person

Tiffany Clark

My claim

Sanya is the most influential female athlete.

Info about her life

  • She was born February 26 ,1985.
  • Her home town is Austin, Texas.
  • Her parents are Archie Richards and Sharon Richard.

About Sanya's career

  • In 2002 she was USA Junior 400m champion.
  • She is a Double gold metalist in 2012.
  • "In the 2008 Olmpic Games 400m final Richards earned Team USA fourth Olympic medal ever in the 400m dash and the first since 1984." according to
  • In 2005 she won the World Outdoor Champion Ship.
  • " Richards Ross became Olympic Champion over 400m at the 2012 Games in London by over taking the competition in the last 50 meters of the race," according to
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