Solutes, Solutes, Everywhere

Chemistry 4


This lab is to show the solubility of different chemicals. In this experiment you will come across data that is easy to understand and will clearly show how strong the solubility of the chemical is. The guiding question is, can different compounds dissolve in certain solutions.

Safety Procedures

  • Wear goggles- to protect eyes
  • Wear gloves- to protect hands
  • Wear Apron- to protect skin


  • Small test tubes

  • Test tube rack

  • Alcohol

  • Water

  • Acetone

  • Salt crystals

  • Sugar crystals

  • Moth Flakes


  1. place each solvent in a test tube and label accordingly. Approximately 1/2 inch.

  2. Place a moth crystal in each and stir or swirl gently to see if it will dissolve. Record in lab book.

  3. Repeat the procedure using sugar as the solute. Record your results.

  4. Repeat the procedure using salt as the solute. Record your results.