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Issue: Choose your strongest subclaim/reason/topic sentence from your outline from last week. This is your strongest subcliam/reason/topic sentence from your outline that was due Friday. It answered the prompt: "Should young athletes play football?"

This is where you will creat and write your introduction paragraph. You must include an attention grabber/hook and the claim/thesis. Follow the format for an academic essay introdution, there is a hard copy at your table inside a paper protector. There is also one posted in EDMODO.

In the next paragraph, write your subclaim- your first reason. Then, give textual evidence from the article we read and write your analysis. Follow the format in the protective sleeve for an academic essay body paragraph. Again, this is located at your table in a protective sleeve. You only need to write one body paragraph using your strongest reason/subclaim.

Last write a conclusion. Follow the format for a academic essay conclusion.

When you are finished you should have three paragraphs. The introduction, the body paragraph, and the conclusion.

Color code the following:

In the introduction make the thesis/claim red.

In the body paragraph make the subclaim/topic sentence red, the text evidence green, the transitions purple, the commentary black underlined and the citations orange.

In the conclusion make the thesis/claim red.

Next include 3 pictures with facts that pertain to the topic of "Should young athletes play football?"

Add a photo related to the topic

Add a fact that pertains to the photo