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What is RED DAWN about? here you go.

Red dawn is a movie that is based off of the Nazi attacking and taking over their state. Red Dawn is a 1984 American war film directed by John Milius and and it took place in
Washington D.C. It stated off as Josh peck playing football and he lost so when his girl friend picks him up they went t a bar and then that's when you meet the rest of the characters. after that they went home in the morning Josh feels rumbling and he goes out side to see what it was and that when the Nazi start to ATTACK. The 7 teenagers had to hide from the Nazi to survive, because they where terrorists to the Nazi and when the Nazi saw them they tried to kill them and every time they plan an attack they would yell Wolverine because that is there name.
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This was when they saw a Enemy Tank and they ran into subway!
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This is when they robbed the store and when they did Josh Hutcherson gave him a trash bag and told him to fill this up with bread and stuf.
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This is when they robbed the subway and in the the bucket they filed it with soda, and in the trash bag they filled it up with bread, cheese, and tomato's.

By Micah Myers