Feed the Hungry Children

By: Group 7

The Issue At Hand

What We Worked On

The issue that we decided to research and try to solve was childhood hunger. We discovered that the root cause of child hunger was linked to parents who were in poverty because of factors like unemployment and low paying jobs.

Some Facts About Childhood Hunger

16.2 million children are in poverty. 22% of households in America are considered food insecure. Some of the heath effects of childhood hunger are being at an increased risk for homelessness, chronic health and stressful life conditions, behavioral problems, and depression. Despite numerous efforts, childhood hunger is still growing.

What We Will Do

We will work to provide gardens in every school district in Waco for impoverished children. These gardens will provide nutritious food for them to take home over the weekends. By creating school gardens and providing food for children to take home we will help reduce childhood hunger in Waco.

What You Can Do To Help

Although the numbers are stark, there are ways to help out your community with childhood hunger. Some of these ways include, community gardens, donating money for seeds and water to start the gardens, fundraisers, and sharing our mission on social media.


By: Carter, Gael, Carson, Daniel, Ivan , and D.J.

Advocacy Project


Taking Action

Ways to Take Action on an Individual/Personal Level

  • Help with community gardens and buy seeds.
  • Donate to food pantries, Veggie Vans, and other organizations (Like Feed The Children, Save The Children, Caritas, etc..)

Ways to Take Action on a Local, State, National Level

  • Write letters to governing officials
  • Post on social media about the issue of child hunger
  • Fundraisers to raise money for childhood hunger

Other Ways Others Can Take Action on Childhood Hunger

  • Hold a public meeting in your neighborhood to raise awareness on the issue
  • Lobbying to your congressman
  • Create an advertisement to air on news channels and radios

What We Learned

"Children are starving to death. Some children's homes don't have enough money to provide healthy food for them." - Carter

"16.2 million children are hungry everyday. We can make a big impact on child hunger." - D.J.

"There are hungry children everywhere and numbers are only growing. 46% children are in breakfast/lunch program." - Daniel

"Children's hunger is often overlooked, it seems, but it is an extremely important issue." - Carson

"Some children can't afford food at lunch. Children don't have enough food." - Gael

"Some children don't have enough food in their households." - Ivan

iEngage Summer Civics Institute- Group 7