Wereworld Rise Of The Wolf

By: Curtis Jobling


Ethos-"The world building was phenomenal. Everything was so realistic and lively"

-Amazon customer

"Superior to eragon, and pure fun.

-The Times(London)

Logos- This author was the person who created Bob the Builder and this is his first novel. Even though this was his first novel the Wereworld Rise Of The Wolf book sold a smashing 5 million copies in the United States alone.

Pathos- This is an exciting adventure filled with family, challenges, friendships, and battles to save the land and all the people in it even while being tracked down to be put to certain doom.

This is a fantasy book about a small shepherd boy named Drew. He is a loving, outdoors boy and is just a simple farmer, at least that is what he thinks. Little does he know that he is actually son of the old great king, Werger. Unfortunately his mother is horribly murdered by a wretched beast during a storm and he turns into a beast himself. Horrified and confused he flees to the dangerous forest, after being stabbed by his own father, and hides from civilization. He spends months there, but is captured by a scout and brought to a small kingdom. He learns much there like his biggest problem yet, King Leopold wants Drew dead. Drew adventures for months fighting and hiding for his life with only a little help. He is finally captured and will have to master the wolf to survive. Just imagine this Drew is cornered on a cliff and certain doom is below him. He is unarmed, extremely hurt, and has several monsters coming at him ready to attack. I definitely recommend this book because it is stuffed with excitement, twists and turns, adventures, battles,family, and friendships all through out the whole thing.

I really enjoyed the final battle in the kings castle where the horribly injured Drew has to fight the same beast that violently murdered his mother. It is filled with excitement and twists and it flip flops on who is winning the battle, so that is why I found it so interesting.