Haunted Colleges

How can we know that "haunted" colleges are really haunted?


Haunted Colleges are still being reported today. These reports bring publiscity and even fame to some schools. Other schools report these so-called "hauntings", and become the laughing-stock of the county. One of these reports was quite a while ago in 1935. One student reported seeing the Red Lady at Huntington University (Barefoot, 2004).


People say that there was a woman named Jane who's boyfriend cheated on her at Prom, a night she always dreamed would be the best night of her life. She was so shaken up that she ran away in tears and commited suicide directly afterwards. People call her the Lady In Black; She haunts Henderson State University, looking for someone or something (Barefoot, 2004). That was the most recent case I found during my research time.


Theories about Haunted Colleges are that Huntington University is haunted, Henderson State University is haunted, Fordham University is haunted, Penn State University is haunted.

My Theory

I think that Henderson State University and the Lady In Black theory is the most plausible out of all of them. There is a story to back it up, and considering the myths about hauntings, she has a reason to be haunting the school.


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