Child Abuse

What is it?

Child Abuse is the willful infliction of pain or suffering on children. There are many forms of Child abuse, the most common are physical, sexual, mental/emotional, and neglect.
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Why is Child Abuse is a major problem?

According to, 80% of 21-year olds who were abused as children, met the criteria for at least one phycological disorder. Also 14% of men in prison, and 36% of women in prison were abused as children. Adolescents who are abused are 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity. In 2014, it was proven that about 5 to 7 children lost their life everyday, because of being abused. More than 70% of the children that died, were under 2 years of age, and more than 80% of the children weren't old enough to start kindergarten.
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It is a proven fact that children who are abused have an average life expectancy of two decades shorter than children who do not experience abuse. The Financial Impact of child neglect and abuse is very high. In 2008, the cost for health care costs, special education costs, child welfare expenditures, and criminal justice expenditures, together cost $124 billion, which is enough to send 1.7 million people to college.

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There are many mental illnesses, and physical illnesses that can result from being abused as an adolescent.
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What you can do

By making a small donation, you could be saving a child's life, or giving them a better more successful future. Your donation could be the difference of life or death for a child. Some organizations that you can donate to in order to help a child who is being abused are listed below.

  1. National Children's Alliance-
  2. Childhelp-
  3. Starbright Foundation-
  4. Alliance for Children-
  5. Prevent Child Abuse-
  6. International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect-
  7. Darkness to Light-
  8. Blue Sunday-
  9. Joyful Heart Foundation-
  10. Family Compass-

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