E Team Newsletter

Week of March 3rd

Language Arts & Social Studies

Students have finished or are almost finished with The Tiger Rising and their Kate DiCamillo books. We are continuing discussing theme and how Kate DiCamillo weaves together beautifully written books that cover a variety of topics on a childs level of understanding. Below are pictures created by students about the different characters or new book covers. I am amazed at the creativity that oozes out of each student.
Some questions you can ask your child:
1. What are some of the main events in The Tiger Rising?
2. Excluding Rob and Sistine, which character do you think is the most important?
3. How are the Dewberry Boys and the Threemonger Boys alike? Different?
4. Why do you think both books are set in Florida?
5. Why do you think both Opal and Rob do not have a mother?

Social Studies - Students continue to work at their own pace. Some students are on Week 12 and others are completed through Week 28.

Math & Science

Math: Students continue to study fractions. This week the focus will be finding equivalent fractions and reducing fractions. We will also continue to practice adding and subtracting mixed numbers and reviewing long division in Block 2.

Accelerated Math: Students are responsible for mastering 3 objectives by Thursday afternoon. Students have the opportunity to work on AM every morning this week for up to 50 minutes each day. There is time for them to ask for help, make corrections and scan. Last week, I had 5 students master over 10 objectives for the week! Please ask your child how many objectives he/she has mastered this week or for the quarter. The deadline to meet the quarterly goal of 27 is Friday, March 21.

Science: Students will be completing a Science Weekly crossword and answering Essential questions pertaining to soil, erosion and weathering.