Independent Study

By: Samyuktha Gopinath


I have learned lot of new things during this project. I wanted to dig deeper into Photoshop to get more detailed I want to dig deeper into face touch up. Like how to soften the skin and make the face more nice. I even learned how to put makeup. It is weird how to put it, but trust me it looks awesome. Well go forward to see what I have learned more.

How Topic was chosen/ Why the topic is important

How I chose this topic is by doing research and I wanted to did deeper into face touch up. This topic is important because I like to take photos and I like to make scrap booking and I want the pictures to be very nice and glamory.

What I learned!

  • How to put makeup on a person like lipstick eyeshadow and more.
  • How to soften the skin
  • I worked on how to darken her hair and made a girl a very pretty by putting all the things I learned
  • I learned how to get rid of wrinkles.


Learning Process

I made a daily planner to see what I have to do that day. I stuck with the plan so I won't miss the day that it is due. I used Photoshop and YouTube. I used YouTube like for tutorials and there were a lot of tutorials. I really did help me.


I have learned a lot of new things during this Independent Study Project. I really did enjoy it. It was so much fun. I always stuck to the plan and let my brain do all the work. I have learned a lot of new things. This was the best assignment I could ever get!!