Intellectual Outputs

This document is part of the 2018-1-TR01-KA203-058344 TOURiBOOST Project Management Toolkit. It aims to explain before the Kick-off Meeting both Partners’ tasks and the Intellectual Outputs in a straightforward way, however, it doesn't substitute what is written and detailed described in the approved Application Form.

The idea is that the TOURiBOOST Partnership collects all related questions & answers before they meet at the Kick-off Meeting so that it can be more agile during the event. At the same time, it helps to clarify doubts and clarify the implementation pillars.

TOURiBOOST has five Intellectual Outputs all connected to each other and running in parallel in their majority.

After the video draft explanation, there is a specification for each Project Partner what the responsibilities are regarding the five IOs.

The administration of the project has its responsibilities that are presented by the project coordinator in a separate document. during the kick -off meeting administrative aspects are explained.

This SMORE refers only to Intellectual Outputs. It is intended that each Partner Team watches the videos, studies the approved Application Form (AF) and post their doubts.questions/suggestions questions in the mentimeter form: please go to and enter this code 311948.

Please note that you don't need an account, you don't need to register, the doubts you post are anonymous neither your name or phone number is stored. Therefore feel free to ask anything you doubt about because your doubts contribute to improving project results and management and we will not ask during the meeting who posted the question.


This video is about explaining in general terms of different IOs of the TOURiBOOST Project and up to a certain point the connections among them. It is not a professional video just intended to go briefly through the concepts as a preparatory step for the Kick off Meeting in Konya the 6th and the 7th of December 2018.

General overview


In this IO1 a series of tools are created to make a research collecting at least 150 questionnaires (30 per Project Partner). The Questionnaire is prepared by PP6 (ARTIFACTORY) and the LP (NEU) and the report consolidated by the PP3(KJF).

The Questionnaire can be used as follows:

A. as internet resource, accessible both at the Project Website and the Websites of the Partners, so as to ensure the maximum collection of answers

B. as a face-to-face interview with the stakeholders at the Stakeholder Workshops organized by each Partner in Konya, Budapest, Den Helder, Modena, Chios and Istanbul

Time allocated is 9 months divided as follow, 2 months for preparation, 4 months to collect the data and 3 months to produce the report.

IO1 starts on January 2019 and ends on September 2019.



This IO2 delivers the MOOC, which is devoted to the tourism production stages from the design to the delivery of tourism experiences. The MOOC is composed of two main blocks: theory and practice. The MOOC includes

1.The Platform where the MOOC is hosted to be implemented by the LP (NEU).

2. The Methodology and the Tutor Handbook to be implemented by PP6 (ARTIFACTORY).

3.Four Modules: M01(Heritage Tourism Industry); M02 (Attraction Planning), M03 (Cultural Communication), M04 (Experience Design) to be delivered by PP6 (ARTIFACTORY).These four Modules are developed during the Project Meetings and Workshop W1, W2, W3, W4 in M04(December 2018); M09 (May2019); M16(December 2019); M22(June 2020).

The four Training Workshops and the theory enable the Partners and the Pool of Learners to deliver the Local Attraction Plan. The Pool of Learners consists of 36 individuals from the Partners, the Student Pool and the interested Stakeholders. In principle 18 learners from Turkey (NEU) and 18 from Hungary (KJF) ensure the minimum number of learners, whoever the MOOC and all the TOURiBOOST training activities is open and fully accessible to interested parties. The creation of the MOOC lasts from 1/01/19 till 31/12/19.



The overall concept of this IO3 is to run a series of Intensive Training in form of study visits and workshops. The Partners’ Training Workshops are carried out during the meetings {TR (Konya); HU (Budapest); IT(Modena): (TR Istanbul) in M04(December 2018); M09 (May2019); M16(December 2019); M22(June 2020).

They training concept of the Workshops is based on:

1. A Study Visit onsite in TR (Konya); HU (Budapest); IT(Modena): TR Istanbul)

2. A Training and Evaluation Workshop intended to train the Partners and the Pool of Learners in the four main topics: heritage significance; tourism accessibility; experience design; experience delivery

PP4(PRIME HOLLAND) and PP6 (ARTIFACTORY) cooperate to deliver the Workshops with the LP (NEU) in Konya; PP3(KJF) in Budapest; PP5(INEUROPA) in Modena and PP2(TURSAB) in Istanbul.

The main aim of W1, W2, W3 to be run as explained aforementioned, have as main task to support the Partnership and the Pool of Learners to create together with the local stakeholder a Local Attraction Plan (LAP) tackling 5 cultural attractions in the territory. The LP (NEU) and PP3 (KJF) have to run these workshops with at least 18 individuals each who can be grouped in teams, but they have to develop a LAP until M19(February 2020). The Standard Planning Form is the template to be used by all Partners to deliver the LAP. PP6 (ARTIFACTORY) is responsible to deliver the Standard Planning Form at the Kick off Meeting. The Local Attraction Plan (LAP) will be delivered

The Attraction Design Tool, also to be delivered by PP6 (ARTIFACTORY) will assist Partners to develop a high quality LAP. In the time period M18-M21 (February 2020-May 2020) PP4(PRIME HOLLAND) collects all the LAPs and the related audiovisual materials produced and converts them into an e-book.

The last Workshop (W04: Experience Delivery) takes place in M22 (June 2020) in Istanbul, TR and presents the 6 iBooks to the Multiplier Event explaining the production process.

All 4 Workshops are implement according to the specifications of the EQF (European Qualification Framework) aiming when possible to create the certification for the Partnership and the Pool of Learners.

The 4 Intensive Training Workshops open in December 2019 and ends in June 2020 aiming to produce a minimum of 36 higher skilled individuals



IO4 is devoted to generate an EQC Certification in the Project Area. The European Qualification Framework (EQF) doesn't exist as a "unique" qualification framework. Each country has a series of specifications that we must comply to get the EQF.

The main idea is to analyze all partners country requirements and create as many possible EQFs so in that sense it fits all five TOURiBOOST partner countries. (If not, the question is what the point is to get certified in Turkey if you live in Italy). More explanations will be given at the Kick off Meeting. Key issue for IO4 as a main Project deliverable is that the Training has to correspond to the EQF LEVEL DESCRIPTORS , which are valid across the EU and Turkey.

We may find that requirements are different from country to country and that there are still some questions to answer such as who supplies the Certification (as a Certified National Authority), who can submit it, clarify the whole pack of documents related to each EQF partner. Responsible for the EQF Certification is PP3(KJF).



The IO5 is devoted to the sustainability of Projects achieved results. It has different deliverables:

1. The Workshops W1 Heritage significance, W2 Accessibility, W3 Experience design and W4 that are happening at the meeting time. These workshops deliver the LAP.

It also delivers the LAP MAP in e-book format; these LAPs are the ones created from the group of the 36 individuals.

2. The Smart Skills Observatory for Heritage Tourism. It is founded at the Multiplier Event in Istanbul, Turkey by the Partnership. The Smart Skills Observatory will be operated by TURSAB after the Project’s expiration date in close collaboration with the Partnership.

It is intended to receive the legal form as statutory Association, but it can also become a non-statutory Cooperation Memorandum among the Partners with TURSAB the main beneficiary, as connector to the world of work.

3. The Marketing and Distribution Strategy for the TOURiBOOST Attraction Cluster is a document to be delivered in M22(June 2020) by PP4(KJF). The idea is that the final transnational product (iBook Collection; Attraction Cluster in 30 geolocations in the Project Area) is entering the tourism market. It thus needs a strategy how to approach the main tourism distribution channels.

IO5 starts in M11 July 2019 and ends in M24 (August 2020).



Each Partner meeting delivers a Workshop, the first one during the kick-off meeting. Heritage significance is the theme of W1.

The workshop is divided into two parts: one the study visit and one training session to combine theory and praxis and assist the Partners and the Pool of Learners deliver high quality LAPs. The focus is in understanding how to extract the resource inherent values using the UNESCO criteria and international standards.

All knowledge generated goes into the MOOC, as main ingredient for the LAP and the EQF. Tutors will teach based on the learning of these Workshops.

Each Workshop (both study visit and training session) shall be video-recorded and be made available at the MOOC for all interested parties.



COMMON TASKS NB: This tasks and responsibilities are part of the bilateral contract.

The Steering Group Committee (SGC)

it is the Project’s decision making body as per EU Code for Partnerships. All Project Partners participate the SGC with one member.

The Lead Partner holds the Majority Vote on all procedures.

The Technical Committee (TC)

consists of the Technical Coordinator and the Web Administrator, who ensure project implementation procedures;

The Quality Control Committee (QCC)

sets up the standards & procedures for the quality of outputs according to time schedule; skills of human resources; deliverables; communication needs; the ERASMUS+framework/rules; estimated risks. 3 Members shall be elected at the Kick off Meeting.


All Project deliverable undergo evaluation by the 3 Members of the Project’s Quality Control Committee. The LP is presiding the QCC and applies the quality standards


All Partner works as per instructions included in:

− Quality Assurance Plan

− Mid Term Evaluation Report for Project Operations (1st Report to the National Agency)

− Frond-End Evaluation (LAP; iBook) generates the basic idea for the selection of 5 attractions in the territory and their stories in collaboration with the local stakeholders

− Remedial Evaluation (LAP; iBook) fine-tunes the stories from the research in archives and collections; generates the audiovisual materials

− Summative Evaluation (LAP; iBook) collects data from the audience with metrics to improve the final product at the 4 Intensive Training Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey in M22 (June 2020)

All Partners contribute to:

1. Survey Research IO1

2. Run the Local Stakeholder Workshops

3. Participate the TOURiBOOST Training

4. Find out EQF needs

5. Deliver one LAP with 5 geolocations in the territory

6. Deliver five stories and audiovisual materials for the Partner iBook as per instruction by PP4 (PRIME HOLAND)

7. Implement a Multiplier Event

8. Become part of the SMART SKILLS OBSERVATORY


LP (NEU) Turkey

1. Designs the Survey Questionnaire

2. Involves and Certifies 18 MOOC individuals with an EQF-Level Certification

3. Nominates a Tutor (s) for the MOOC

4. Organizes the Intensive Training Workshop 1 “Heritage Significance”

5. Delivers the Project Website

6. Delivers the MOOC Platform

7. Manages and administers the Project

8. Compiles the Project Record

9. Organizes the Press Conference at the Kick Off Meeting

10. Delivers the Project Management Toolkit

11. Delivers the Assessment and Evaluation Tools

12. Presides the Steering Group, Technical and Quality Control Committees

PP2 (TURSAB) Turkey

1. Organizes the Intensive Training Workshop 3 “Experience Design”

2. Organizes the Transnational Multiplier Event and the Conference


4. Organizes the Press Conference at Project Closure

PP3 (KJF) Hungary

1. Organizes the Intensive Training Workshop 2 “Tourism Accessibility”

2. ConsolidatesIO1 Report

3. Creates the EQF Certification

4. Nominates a Tutor (s) for the MOOC

5. Certifies 18 MOOC individuals with an EQF Certification

6. Develops the Marketing and Distribution Strategy for the Project Area ATTRACTION CLUSTER

PP4 (PRIME HOLLAND), Netherlands

1. Co-designs and facilitate the Intensive Training Workshops 1,2,3, and 4


3. Creates the iBook Collection

4. Delivers the Social Media Campaign


1. Organizes the Intensive Training Workshops 3 “Experience Design”

2. Delivers the Communication Plan

3. Delivers the Project Logo and Brochure

4. Delivers the Communication Tools

5. Delivers the local workshops


1. Co-designs and facilitates the Intensive Training Workshops 1,2,3,and 4

2. Co-designs and facilitates the 4 Study Visits

3. Creates the theoretical part for the MOOC (4 Modules; Methodology; Teacher Handbook)

4. Creates the Standard Planning Form for the LAP

5. Creates the Attraction Design Tool

6. Delivers the Project Spot in collaboration with PP4(PRIME HOLLAND)

N.B. : Please note other duties connected to project management assigned to partners are not listed in detail here but in the contract (to be clarified at the Kick off meeting.) such as:

1.Dissemination and communication plan

2.Quality and evaluation plan

3.Financial Project management

4.National Agency rules

5.Reporting periods