Mrs. Suzette Wheeler, RN

Health Science Educator/Clinical Instructor/Facilitator


I am a teacher that seeks to develop the skills required for success beyond the classroom through real world experience and expectations. My experience as an instructor began as a Clinical Nursing instructor for Clayton State University, College of Nursing. My experiences as a clinical instructor were very insightful and rewarding. It was during this experience that I realized the need for student development prior to graduation from high school. As a clinical instructor and a member of hospital management, I became acutely aware of the lack of a strong work ethic and leadership skills required in the healthcare profession. I started teaching as a Health Science Technology Educator in the Career Technical and Education department five years ago in the Metro Atlanta area. This experience has been the most challenging and equally rewarding of my career. As a classroom teacher, my student population consisted of 9th through 12th grade. I observed the students grow and develop into intrinsic learners and autonomous leaders. I am proud to report a 98% pass rate on the Healthcare End of Pathway Exam during my final year for pathway completion. Prior to entering the classroom, I experienced a rewarding career as an intensive care nurse. This clinical experience offered the opportunity to sharpen critical thinking skills and participate as a member of a healthcare team that changed lives. This role, much like that of an educator, required constant personal development and drive to improve the lives of the patients and their families. Many don’t realize the similarities that exist between nursing and teaching. During my time in the intensive care unit, I pursued a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Degree. I once again aligned my career interests and skills as I began a career in public health. As a clinical research coordinator for a large metro-Atlanta radiology practice, I had an opportunity to work on the front line in the device development industry. I provided informed consent to patient populations under the direction of a sponsoring physician. In the case you are wondering what the term “informed consent” means I will tell you. Informed consent is just a fancy word for providing patient education. I began working for Georgia Virtual School in December 2012. My professional experiences clearly parallel those of an educator and those experiences continue to shape the Introduction to Healthcare Science course delivery. I remain clinically involved as a per diem Psychiatric Nurse at Georgia Regional Hospital-Atlanta. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the future of healthcare by modeling professionalism and providing a conducive learning environment for all students.