Manitou Springs Middle School

Friday, January 14th, 2022

Greetings from the Office!

I hope you had a wonderful week and enjoyed time with your family! This time of year is so much fun for staff and students as we think about the possibilities ahead of us in the new year. Thank you for all you do to be engaged in your child's education. We are fortunate to have such supportive families at Manitou Springs Middle School. Have a great weekend and feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or celebrations at any time.

Dustin Cady
Principal, MSMS

On The Horizon

  • Jan 17 - No School - MLK, Jr. Day
  • Jan 26 - Late Start Wednesday (10:05 school start)
  • Feb 2 - Late Start Wednesday, (10:05 school start)
  • Feb 11 - Early Release, 12:30pm Dismissal
  • Feb 17 - Early Release, 12:30pm Dismissal, Parent/Teacher conferences (evening)
  • Feb 18 - No School for Students - Parent/Teacher Conferences (morning)
  • Feb 21- No School - Presidents Day

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This January 17, 2022, as we reflect upon the great civil rights leader, let us pause to reflect on his dream. The greatest tribute we can offer in honoring Dr. King’s life is to be an intentional ally toward promoting his dream! A dream born out of the heart, sacrifice, and love.

In The Classroom

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Health Information

Please fill out the Health-Related Absence Form on the district website and keep your child home if they:

  • is ill or experiencing any symptoms,
  • live in a household in which there is a person who has tested positive for COVID (exemptions apply)

Exemptions to quarantine for household positive exposure:

  1. You are ages 18 or older and have received all recommended vaccine doses, including boosters and additional primary shots for some immunocompromised people.
  2. You are ages 5-17 years and completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccines.
  3. You had confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days (you tested positive using an at-home rapid test or a PCR test).

Parents/guardians: if your student is leaving school early because of illness, they should go to the health office and see our nurse or health tech before they call you to come get them.

Class Meetings

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Mrs. Bartlett and Mr. Cady held class meetings with all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders this week. During these meetings, we set a positive tone for the second semester. Here are some highlights from our meetings:

Tardy Policy

We reviewed our Tardy Policy with students this week. All students have a fresh start with 0 tardies to start the semester. For your reference, here is our school policy:

Students are expected to be in class with appropriate materials before the tardy bell rings. When a student has accumulated five total tardies during the school year, they will receive a lunch detention. When a student has accumulated ten total tardies during the school year, they will receive a 1 hour after school Tardy Study Hall. Each five tardies after ten during the school year (cumulative of 15, 20, 25, etc.) will result in 2 days of after school Tardy Study Hall (1 hour each).

Dress Code

Clothing should be worn as designed and should cover private parts of the body. Clothing that inappropriately bares or exposes private parts of a body, including but not limited to the stomach, areas above the mid-thigh, buttocks, back and breast is unacceptable school attire.

1. Clothing, accessories, appearance may not:

a. cause a distraction to the learning environment

b. create a safety hazard to the student or others

c. depict or advertise alcohol, tobacco, or drug products,

d. depict pornography, nudity or sexual acts or be of a sexual nature, use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or any other protected groups.

2. Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff. Hoodies must allow the student face and ears to be visible to staff.

3. If a student's dress is found to be distracting or unsafe to the educational environment and/or not meeting the criteria above, an opportunity to fix the dress or appearance will be given to the student.

4. This policy may not address all of the potential problems. School administration will have final decisions on all dress code matters. These decisions are made so that Manitou Springs Middle School is able to keep a safe and non-disruptive learning environment.


8th Grade Baby Pictures: The deadline for sending in the 8th grade baby pictures for the yearbook has been extended to January 21st. Pictures can be sent to Mrs. Weimer at Hard copy photos may be left with the front office to be scanned and returned.

Buy your 2021/2022 yearbook! Books are $45 and can be purchased via cash/check to the front office or by clicking the button below!

Tech Corner

Sora Week:

The week of January 17th is Sora week in the Manitou Springs School District!

What is Sora? It is an online library of eBooks and audiobooks that students can access at any time on any device. We want to make sure every student has the ability to access Sora, and encourage them to read. Below are instructions on how to log into Sora, as well as how to check out books:

Logging In:

  1. Download the Sora app from the app catalog on your iPad, or visit on your computer.
  2. If it's your first time logging in, click "my school isn't listed" at the bottom of the screen
  3. Search for "Manitou Springs" and click "this is my school" under Colorado BOCES Association
  4. Select Manitou Springs School District 14 from the drop down menu
  5. Sign in using your usual username and password (user: first name, middle initial, last initial/password: first name, last 4 digits of student ID)

Navigating Sora:

  1. After logging in, click the 3 bars in the top corner of the screen to open the menu.
  2. Under libraries, you should see "Colorado BOCES Association" as well as "Pikes Peak Library District"
  3. If you do not see Pikes Peak Library District, click "add library" --> Search for Pikes Peak Library District --> Select "this is my library"
  4. Using the menu, you can switch back and forth between Colorado BOCES' collection and Pikes Peak Library District's collection

Checking out a Book

  1. To check out a book, you can either search for a specific book using the search bar, or you can explore the preorganized subjects.
  2. Once you find a book you want, click on the book and select "borrow"
  3. You can now start reading the book, and it will be checked out to you for 2 weeks.
  4. If you see "place hold" instead of "borrow", that means somebody already has that book checked out. You can either place a hold and wait for it to be back in stock, or you can switch libraries in the menu to see if it is available in the other collection.

If you have any questions about Sora, or any tech issues, please e-mail our media tech, Kolt Woofter, at