SMS Press

April 2015

We hope you enjoy our second ever SMS Press! The 4th and 5th grade class at St. Mary School has worked very hard to inform and entertain you!

April Fool's Day

April Fools is on April 1st as we know, but people are all still uncertain when April Fools started. April Fools is a day where friends and family like to pull pranks on each other. Some pranks are like someone giving a pie that is full of pepper or rotten eggs! Some people throw pie at each other! So be careful not to eat any food offered to you! And be careful who you sit by!!!

by: Boden Fuchs

Spring Weather

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The weather during April of 2015 has been very crazy.

It has gone from snow to 70 degree weather to pouring down rain with thunder and lightning. The snow is just melting off the ground! Yes, you got that right we still have snow! We are all hoping for some heavy rain during this April so we can have some beautiful blooming flowers in May.

Weather Report By: Grace Lentz and Jillian Romano

Swim Lessons!

Swimming at the

Charlevoix Area Community Pool

By: Kately Pawlak and River Pease

Pictures by: River Pease

Every year, the Charlevoix Area Community Pool hosts multiple swim lessons, twice a week for a little over three weeks, starting on the 14th of April. The lessons are only for St. Mary School students. The swim lessons are a great opportunity to learn to swim in an environment where you feel secure.

The lessons are split up into four groups, the Pre-K group, the level 1 group, the middle group, and the most advanced group. The lessons take place every Tuesday and Thursday. After each of these school days, all of the swimmers get into a bus that takes you to the pool.

At the beginning of the first lesson, everyone takes a swim test and swims across the width of the pool. The coaches then place you in a group according to your ability. After that, the real fun begins. You start with thirty minutes of lessons, learning different styles of swimming and other skills. Then, after the thirty minutes are up, a whistle is blown and everyone spreads out for thirty minutes of free swimming time.

I have recently interviewed Jean Musilek, the instructor of the Pre-K group, and here is what she said:

Q: When did you first start doing private swim lessons for St. Mary’s?

A: We first started doing private lessons after school for St. Mary's last year. We started doing lessons during school, and we started these before I even started working here.

Q: Why do you feel that having the ability to swim is a necessary skill for children?

A: Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children 5-18 years old. Formal swim lessons decrease this risk by as much as 83%!

Q: Do you teach multiple levels of swim lessons?

A: I am currently teaching infants, preschool, and level 1 classes.

-River Pease

This is my first time ever going to swimming lessons. I am SO excited to finally feel how it feels to go in the water, and learn more about how I can swim better. I have my own new bathing- suit meant just for me. I start my swimming lessons next Tuesday.

I have been placed in the most advanced group. My favorite stroke of all the strokes is called freestyle. As I’ve learned that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever stroke you want. During free time is when you get to do whatever you want. Right now, my class is learning how to dive. I am SO excited to, at the end of swim lessons, finally join the swim team. Swim lessons at the Charlevoix Area Community Pool have given me a new love for the water.

-Kately Pawlak

St. Mary Running Team

St. Mary running team is a great activity and a good exercise. It has good games. You get to run around Charlevoix. It is fun and awesome. When you finish you will be running a 5K for the Breast Cancer Run. The coaches have great ideas.

by: Aiden Parish

First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Big night: everyone got dressed up in their best clothes for the Bishop and the Holy Spirit. The Bishop gave everyone a pep talk before we went into the church. Everyone entered from the back and we went to our assigned pews. Later we were blessed by the Bishop and all of the priests there. Then you recited your baptismal vows. After that we walked up in order and we got our Confirmation names and special oils rubbed on our forehead. Next we received the Holy Communion and the Bishop ended the Mass. There was a lot of food and fellowship in the Parish Center. Then you go home and maybe have a big party. It is very fun!!!!!

by: Jacob Claflin

St. Mary School PreK/K Round Up and All School Open House

Every year Saint Mary School has a "Round Up" for the prekindergarteners to check out their new classroom. For the older kids, it's just called an Open House. This year it is from 6 to 7 o'clock on April 21st. We get to meet the new kids and our teacher for the year. There is always a lot of people at the Open House, but even if you don't make it, you can always check out Saint Mary and see what we have to offer.

by: Evan Solomon

Spring Sports!

~~~baseball 2015~~~

Draft Day: First the one thing that everyone has been waiting for, draft day. Draft day is the day when everyone gets together at the Charlevoix high school and shows off their skills to the coaches. After the draft the coaches all get together at a table and pick the teams. The teams are always equal and everyone is destined to have fun. The coach contacts each player and tells them what team they are on, honestly it is very suspenseful!

Practice: Now obviously before the teams play any games they are going to have to practice a little bit to get warmed up. Plus this practice will lead up to the day when all the teams get together and show everyone what team you are on, and how big and bad the team is. that actually might be a little bit to much, so I guess it’s when the field opens so you can play real little league games. This might be the day some people have been waiting for all summer. Let’s just say it’s like getting in a brand new Lamborghini.

Practice Interview:

Evan Solomon, coach Casey House, team red socks:

Question: Are you enjoying the practices so far?

Answer: Yes I am enjoying the practices.

Question: Do you think you are learning anything from the practices?

Answer: I am learning new techniques and how to do them right.

Question: Are you excited for opening day and the games?

Answer: I am really excited for opening day because you get to see all the teams and the competition that you are going to face, and it’s just really fun.

Question: Do you think you will take the things you learn off the field?

Answer: Yes the coaches teach you things that you will not forget when you walk off to do other things.

Opening Day: well the day has come for opening day. It was so warm and there could not have been a better day for it to happen. The president said the speech that would start everything that would happen. There were two scrimmages for each team. It has not been decided what team is going to be the best, but one thing is for sure they will all try.

by Joshua House

Baseball 2015

There is a lot to know about baseball. Our high school team is the Rayders. The team’s colored t-shirts are maroon. Their team name is the same as the football team in Charlevoix. I enjoy playing with my grandpa. Everytime I go to see him we play at his house. I mostly bat and he pitches.

by: Ashton Spang


On April 12th little league softball and baseball practice started And the field is on Carpenter Street. I played softball for about four years. It's really fun, but when you are with your friends it's even more fun. Sometimes at practice the coaches make you run some laps. Opening day is May 2nd and games start after that.

by: Izzy Hosler

hope to see you at the field!

Catechism Bee

1. What is the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah?

2. In scripture, God chooses leaders from among the people because of their physical strength, beauty, and charisma. True or False?

3. Jesus used these kinds of stories to instruct his followers.

4. What is the name given to the group of 12 people who followed Jesus as his chosen friends?

5. What is the name given to our belief of three persons in one God?

6. When the travelers on the road to Emmaus first saw Jesus, they ran to him in joyful recognition? True or false?

7. What are the three gifts presented to Jesus by the Wise Men from the East?
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

8. How is a cross different from a crucifix?
A Crucifix has a Corpus (Body of Christ); a Cross does not

These are a few examples but this is like nothing compared to all of it. The 4th Annual Diocesan Regional Catechism Bee is scheduled to take place on Thursday April 30, 2015 at St. Mary Cathedral in Gaylord. This annual event will begin with the celebration of Mass at 10:00 a.m. in the St. Mary Cathedral Chapel. The Catechism Bee will directly follow in the Parish Hall. A delicious lunch will be served to all participants and attendees in the Parish Hall directly following the bee. Braeden Clark from St. Mary School is going to be in the Catechism Bee, and he is in 6th grade.
by: Enzo Ferucci