Dream Project

Jordan Briggs


Last night I had a dream that school was cancelled due to severe weather.. unfortunately it did not come true. It was literally a full on blizzard and the temperature outdoors was something crazy that could never happen in Virginia Beach, it was around -20 degrees. But the dream got kind of scary, because since the weather was so bad, everyone was trapped indoors and no one was leaving their houses to get food or water, and for whatever reason i guess no person in my dream had any food or water. Then i woke up.

Goals that i hope to achieve in the future:

-Graduate High School

-Graduate College

-Marry a successful and loving husband

-Have a beautiful family

- Get a nice spacious house in LA

B. My Fears

- Dying alone

- Being buried alive

- Dolls (Annabelle, the doll from the boy, Chucky etc.)

C. Challenging Tasks

- Go through a haunted house

- Skydiving (too chicken to do)

D. Heroes/role models

- Ellen Degeneres

- Will Smith

E. Improvement to become a better person

- Show more compassion towards others

Why Do We Dream?
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