China is up and running

By Brett Smith Period 2


China is a land of mountains, numerous resources and a land area of 9,569,901 sq km which places China number three on the list of largest countries in the world. China's resources include iron ore, natural gas, uranium, and China has the largest hydroelectric potential according to CIA Factbook. China has a very diverse terrain and has used it for many years to help it defend against foreign tribes. With this terrain China has mustered archeological marvels like the Great Wall of China. China uses nuclear power and is expected to build more plants because of the demand for energy due to its population. Chinas Gobi Dessert has been a barrier and a defensive mechanism for China for years. Armies had to cross the barren landscape but merchants could carry their goods through it. Of course some of the desert was protected by the great wall until the merchants reached the Jiayu pass.



Government: Before the year of 1912 China was country of dynasties and was under the control of Emperors. From 1912 to 1949 China became a Republic under presidents and represented by representatives but after the Communist party gained more of a foothold in China, China Changed once again. With the Communist party gaining power it was inevitable that the Communist party would soon take over China. The Peoples Republic of China took over in 1949 and Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed it to the Chinese people. China today still remains under the Communist party Rule.

Religion: Religion is very important to the Chinese people and under Chinas Constitution Freedom of Religion is guaranteed. The Chinese believe in "San Jiao" which means "three religions" including Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Language: China has 56 known ethnic languages and is a country of many diverse people. Chinas Official language is the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. Mandarin is very complex do to its many dialects which makes Chinas communication difficult at times.

Economy: China bases its main income on exports considering there is 2.21 trillion dollars in exports making China number one in the world for exports, go figure. China imports electrical technology and machinery to produce the energy that allows them to export many of the household goods we use on a daily basis.

Social Organization: China bases itself on jobs and status like the rest of the world. The legal jobs are above the common jobs, manufacturers are above store workers and so on, but the Communist party trumps all others.

Customs and Traditions: China has many holiday which are based on the lunar calendar. For example the Chinese New year is the last day on the lunar calendar. China for the first 5 months also has festivals with their month and day like 3rd day of third month or 5th day of fifth month.

Arts and Literature: The people of China base their life on philosophies and use them in their daily lives. The Chinese believe in the cultured lifestyle and have operas or plays that show the olden age and the rustic cultures.

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When the Communist party took over what laws did they enforce/change?

Based on this picture above, what does the cartoonist imply Chia is doing?

Venn Diagram

China Same Japan

C. First five holidays have a festival S. Both are apart of South East Asia J. Holidays based on culture

C. Communist party main government S. Both believe in Buddhism J. Believe to be made from coral dipped blade

C. Worlds largest exporter S. Both export exotic goods J. Known for technological advances

C. Largest hydroelectric potential S. Both use nuclear power J. Has largest Nuclear power plant

C. Named after Emperor S. Both got their names through religion J. Name comes from sun

C. Built A great wall for potential S. Needed a military stand point J. modernized their army to deal with threats

C. Taken over by tribes S. Both had to deal with an invasion J. Invaded my own people (samurai )

C. Withstood numerous attacks S. Both had collateral damage within own nation J. Only had civil war with Samurai

C. Believe in "three religions" S. Have a strong religious attitude J. Base life on religion

C. Have 56 ethnic languages S. Have language problems with foreigners J. Has one solid language.

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