San Francisco Earthquake of 1989

By:Ben,Trusten and Rohan


San Francisco–Oakland earthquake of 1989, also called Loma Prieta earthquake, major earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S., on Oct. 17, 1989. The strongest earthquake to hit the area since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, it caused more than 67 deaths, thousands of injuries, and widespread property damage. The earthquake was triggered by a slip along the San Andreas Fault within the tech tonic plates. When tech tonic plates slip on each other then an earthquake happens with the rumbling of the ground. Its epicentre was in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, near Loma Prieta peak in the Santa Cruz mountains, northeast of Santa Cruz and approximately 60 miles of San Francisco. It struck just after 5:00 pm local time while the world series game for baseball was going on and lasted approximately 15 seconds, with a magnitude of 6.9. The most severe damage was suffered by San Francisco and Oakland. The collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct caused most of the earthquake-related deaths.


At 5:04 pm the quake stated. all of the city was in shock even the baseball game that was supposed to start at 5:30 pm.

The quake ended at 5:04 pm because it lasted 10-15 seconds

Food and Water

The water that they had almost no clean water so they had to search for water. the food tat they had was mostly destroyed and the food they had was divided faily.

Energy sources

The magnitudes of the earthquake of 89’ was a 6.9 level earthquake. There were power outages through out the earthquake and in the aftermath of the earthquake. There were also power lines that fell in the earthquake which made people not able to use electricity and telephone lines. The energy of the quake also cause 35 buildings to have severe damage and 101 highways to partially collapse.

Abiotic factors

The ecosystem around the earthquake was destroyed. some of the things that were destroyed were bridges the water in the bay. also the air in the sky was puluted.

Biotic factors

The earthquake affected animals and humans which messed up the community and ecosystem since some types of animals died the food chain would be messed up and how grass went underwater and drowned.


there were injured 3,757, 3,000–12,000 were homeless. there were 57 people were killed.J