During the western movement

Life for the frames and settles during the western movement

The life on the great plains was hard settlers didn't know how to farm but the ones that did had a rough time doing it. The soil was held together by grass and roots they called the soil sod, so because of that they were often called sodbusters. They had to deal with grass fires all the time because the land there was so dry most of the time so it made living there that much harder. but the people who were farmers made windmills to pump water from under the ground, and they also built new and better machines to make it easier to farm and plant new crops throughout the land, And the banks foreclose on them so crops got cheaper and frames get more mad and poorer

The technology that made the life of the framers and settles easier

The big farms of the West would not of happen without some help of new technology. like one farmer in around1800 could harvest about a twice the amount of wheat a day using Cyrus McCormick's mechanical reaper witch help them so much in getting food but know farmers could now harvest two and a half things of wheat a day. Many new technology made farmers more efficient, for the settlers The railroad eased life for many homesteaders, bringing more people, services, and opportunities. Farm goods such as wheat and food could be sold and shipped much more easy and faster than by horse to the East, and manufactured goods could be purchased and sent west to the eager farmers and their families that needed the supplies


this was a reaper that made life easier