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Fresh Start

Welcome Back!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful break and that Monday and today went well for you. I don't know about you, but getting started afresh is hard for me, whether coming back from break, vacation or even long weekends. Refocusing is hard.

Now that we are on the other side of 1/1/16, our focus shifts and efforts hone in on two things that seem odd to be doing at the same time.

  • Mid-Year Support
  • Onboarding Late-Start Families.

In coming weeks, we will be focusing on both of these in Engaged Connectors, PLCs and our 1:1 calls.

From today on we will begin using the FEC Rubric during our 1:1 meetings. Please, take the time to work on these and be ready to share them during our 1:1 calls at least monthly. Once you've completed it, please email it to me at so that we can discuss it during our call.

If you have any questions about the rubric or how to use it, let me know.


Looking for Strategies for Managing Late-Start Onboarding!

I've Got a Strategy to Share!

Have you found something valuable? Have a strategy that makes your life easier or your product better? Please, share!

Professional Learning Community

PLCs are YOUR community. These are the people that know what it's like in YOUR role. Don't miss out on the opportunity to share with one another.

January 12- Onboarding: Ensuring Success for Late Starting Students
Managing onboarding responsibilities as an FEC

January 26- Overcoming Roadblocks-

Discussing unique challenges such as: language barriers, unique home environments, inconsistent internet access

Title 1 and the FEC- We will also be joined by Robin Wise who will discuss and answer questions about Title 1 and the FEC role.

REMINDER: You MUST register for the PLCs and NPDs HERE, as well as respond to the post session surveys each time.

National Professional Development

Thursday, January 14 & January 28
3pm Eastern/2pm Central/ 1pm Mtn/ 12noon Pacific
Topics coming...
Again, remember to register on under FAST Community of Practice.


(It's not just for breakfast anymore.)

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