Work after highschool

some tips to help you find work after exiting the void

Tip no.1: Read everything Marx has written about work and obey his every command because Marx is God

Marx believed that work should have an impact on who you're working for, and obviously he's right. (he's always right.) He believed that feeling and knowing that your hard work is amounting to nothing hurts you real bad, (this is true, he's so smart.) he called this feeling alienation. (what a genius, a perfect human, wow.) So you should pick your work wisely, find something that rewards you with more than just money, such as being a doctor and helping a patient, or a singer pleasing an audience. Thanks Marx.

Tip no.2: Find work that suits you

Work should not be a drag, it should be fun (Marx believed that too, what a guy.) You should pick your work based off of your interests and strengths, if you can find a way to make your hobbies into work then you're all set.

Tip no.3: Have a millionaire dad

If you're dad is a millionaire then you can just inherit all his cash and be set for life! If you're dad is not a millionaire I can't help you :) Good luck! And don't forget to pray to Marx every day.

Tip no.4 I can't believe this

I have to disagree with my one and only, my lord and savior, the light of my life. I have to disagree with Marx. (I'm so sorry.) Marx believed that specialization was bad (i'm so sorry.) and that it was holding us back, when in reality specialization is great and it means we can have people focusing on their strong points instead of mediocrely doing all the things and all the jobs. Marx, my lord, I am so sorry for this. I will continue to light the candles at my shrine of Marx. u da best

Tip no.5

OBEY MARX. dont tell him but i have a crush on him ITS A SECRET THOUGH
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Tip no.6

externalization i cool. i love marx