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April 21, 2017

Multi-Cultural Night

WOW!! What an amazing event. It's so nice to see our families smiling, working together, and supporting our school. Thank you so much to our ENTIRE staff that helped with the school-wide event. Special thanks to Ms. Glickstein and Ms. Claudia for putting the night together.


Congrats to Ms. Rochon!!! She has won the Kindness Baseball Challenge. Swing by Ms. Emerson's office to get your TARGET GIFT CARD!!!

Lights, Camera, APPRECIATION!!!

Just wait... Teacher Appreciation WEEK is going to be amazing!

Every day is filled with love to all of our tribe members. Be on the lookout for the "Oscar"worthy invite next week! Here's a little video below to thank all of you for "wearing so many hats" each day.

Teachers wear soooo many hats! The Harlem Shake Version

Updates from Mrs. Van Brimmer

Summer Literacy: We would love to video a few of our teachers sharing their favorite read aloud to post on our Facebook page during the summer. If you are interested in sharing your favorite book, please let Ms. Van Brimmer know.

Virtual Reality

There are only a few days left in MAY that Virtual Reality Field trips can be booked. Please email me if you are interested in booking a trip.
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Positive Parent Phone Calls!

An amazing teacher reminded me today how important it is to build our relationships up with our parents. When they are walking in the hallways, stop and greet them and show them a friendly smile. Showing them respect and finding things to compliment them on with their parenting and support really goes a LONG way in building up relationships. Take some time over the next few weeks to not only acknowledge the children that we work with each day, but find a moment or two to call a parent and let them know what an amazing job they are doing with their child. EACH family deserves a school environment that values them and finds the positive. So many of our families are doing the very best they can! Here's a little image below with some reminders:

JDO Foundation

We are so excited- Kate Fiori and Chelsea Castillo have both been selected to receive 1:1 digital grants next year from the JDO Global Partnership program.

Relay For LIfe

Please try to come out to RELAY FOR LIFE tonight and SUPPORT VBE and our TRIBE!

It's a great cause and we would love to show the community how strong we are TOGETHER!

Our table will be set up by 5:30 pm... it's between the Citrus Bowl and the FLC. SEE YOU THERE!!

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Here is the assessment schedule for next week. Please be mindful of this as you transition around the campus!

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Congrats to Ms. Gonzalez, our #VBEVIP! Enjoy your special parking spot, and keep making those nominations on Twitter!

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An update from Ms. Yvette

Faculty and staff, please remember if you leave school early or if you leave campus, you have to sign out in the black book on the sign in table. You have to put your leaving time and your return time if you are returning to school. This is a district policy. Also, please remember to sign in each day on the regular sign in sheet. We are getting close to the end of the school year, and its important our payroll gets to the county office on time each pay period, so won't have problems with your end of the year checks.

Thank you for all you do to make my job easier.

ELL Accommodations

Take a look at the allowable testing accommodations listed below by clicking on each picture. If you have any questions, please seek out Ms. Navarro! She is happy to help! She is definitely an expert when it comes to our English Language Learners!

Next Week At A Glance

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